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Chapter 43: Goodbye

His words jammed in my brain while my body shivered. I seemed to be in a daze, still trying to process what he just said.

My body shook when something inside me wanted to break free when he began to rub his length between my thighs.

I opened my mouth, wanting to protest, yet no words came out. Even my tongue trembled before his domineering, arrogant self.

He lowered his sadistic smiling face and began to lick my lips before he plunged and assaulted my tongue with his while his free hand was holding his manhood, teasingly rubbing it against my wetness.

My tears fell when I felt him slowly pushed his swollen tip inside me. I felt myself being torn – being stretched to accommodate his size.


The next thing I knew, I felt light, and the man’s body flew away from me in an incredible speed as he crushed and rolled some more against the ground before he finally stopped when he hit a big rock.

My heart wildly thumped when he vomited a mouthful of blood.

In the blink of an eye, there was an otherworldly cold silver-haired man in front of him, and before I could even blink again – my brother already landed another kick on Zhander’s stomach which rendered the man’s body to curl in defense.

I was stupefied at the barbaric onslaught my brother was doing to him while the latter just curled his body without retaliating.

My stupor was broken when my brother suddenly gripped Zhander’s neck, slowly raising his limped body from the ground that all the man could do was to grab my brother’s hand while his amethyst eyes tried to focus on me.

“Not part of the deal.” My brother’s icy voice rang out draped with malice and contained anger.

My eyes widened when my brother’s grip tightened that Zhander’s veins started to bulge out from his forehead.

I felt that any moment now, his neck would just snap.


Before I could even stop myself, my body flew towards my brother and kicked his arm that was holding Zhander’s neck.


However, my kick only connected to my brother’s left palm, halting my leg in mid-air with his slender fingers. He didn’t even glance at me as he continued to focus his attention on Zhander, still gripping the man’s neck with his right hand.

“Brother, let him go!!”

I didn’t have time to wonder what I was yelling about when I saw Zhander’s face turning red. His eyelids were about to close. But still, my brother didn’t loosen his grip one bit.


I cried in a frenzy.

My brother gave a few more piercingly cold glares at Zhander before he finally tossed the man on the ground like he was nothing but a discarded object.

Zhander vigorously coughed while holding his neck as his eyes tried to remain opened, desperately concentrating on me.

“Let’s go.”

I couldn’t even say anything when my brother released my leg and dragged me by the arm. He grabbed my clothes and shoved it in my arms before pulling me again behind him. All I could do was glance back to look at the man still lying on the ground half conscious, coughing vigorously.

“B-brother, w-what about him?”

My brother remained quiet and just continued to drag me with him.

When we were at least fifty meters away from Zhander, he stopped and released my hand.

“Get dress.”

I obediently followed his command, and after I had gotten dress, he grabbed my hand and drag me with him once more.

I didn’t argue and just quietly followed him. My brain was still hanging up on the thought of what would happen to Zhander.

I couldn’t help but be filled with worry for him, leaving him on this island all alone–

Enough! You should be happy that you’re finally free from him.

But even so, I didn’t want him to be stranded on this island with no one else but him.

Did you fall in love with him?

Did I?

I don’t know.

My brain was all jumbled up right now.

I’ve taken one last look towards the direction which we came before I finally hopped on the helicopter.

Saying goodbye for good at the place and that man.

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