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Chapter 40: You're Mine

Fifteen days left.

Just fifteen days…

I continued to chant while my eyes never left the man opposite me – making sure that he was at least ten meters away from me.

In the past few days, I did nothing but to avoid the man, but the man was very determined to stick to me wherever I go. Whenever he would get close, I would sprint as fast as I could. I knew he couldn’t catch me, yet he always found me in the end.

Finally, he seemed to get the jest that I didn’t want him anywhere near me. He maintained his distance while once in a while, continuing to check up on me.

Although the days passed by peacefully, I never felt bored since the man would always have something to talk about even though I didn’t react and just listened to him.

He would always talk about his life. Funny things he remembered. Latest news, sometimes about his family, about my family, about himself, and mostly, about me and us – like what he was doing right now.

We were seating under the shade of a large tree, ten meters apart from each other while watching the ocean waves and the birds freely roaming the sky.

“When we went out together, you would always try to attack me whenever you have the chance.” He chuckled.

“Then you always demand that I kiss you, and you would start to roam your hands all over my chest secretly. I pretended that I didn’t know… but I know. Like that time when we were in Hawaii and also that time–”


I raised my arms to cover my ears.

I didn’t want to be reminded of the past because it stirred something inside me.

The man paused, then he looked at me, hurt and worry painted all over his face.

“I’m not that girl anymore.”

I met his gaze and breathed a mouthful of air, readying to tell him the words I had been dying to say.

“F-forget about me. I d-don’t want to be with you. I know that it might be unfair to you, b-but I don’t remember you anymore. All those feelings. I d-don’t feel it anymore.”

I almost wavered when his face looked pained and wounded.

He then steadied his gaze at the beach as he closed his eyes while he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Estela… you’re just saying it now… but what if your memories suddenly return–”

“And what if it doesn’t?” I countered. “Are you going to live the rest of your life loving me? Loving a girl who doesn’t love you back?”

With a serious expression, he turned towards me, and with an unwavering voice proclaimed.

“Yes. I’ll tell you this again. Even if you can’t remember me and even you won’t ever remember… I’ll continue to love you. I’ll love you until you’ll fall in love with me all over again.”

My jaw dropped as I blinked, turning my gaze to the clouds. I couldn’t believe how annoying this man could be.

Why did I even like him in the first place?

I didn’t understand how I could possibly love this kind of man. Sure he was handsome and tall and manly and smart and knew his way around things and could hold his own – but he was incredibly, persistently annoying.

“So you’re going to disregard my feelings and continue to pester me?”

I didn’t hide the annoyance in my voice.

He just grinned.

“That’s right. I’m the type who can’t take ‘no’ for an answer after all.”

Then his eyes glint a shade darker while his face turned a little scary as he laid out the words with an overbearing and arrogant tone that left me speechless.

“I’ll make sure that you’ll fall in love with me once more, and I’ll make sure that you can’t ever live in this world without me in it. You’re mine, Estela, and you will forever belong to me. Damn your feelings.”

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