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Chapter 39: Discarded Memories

“Little Stela…. are you alright?”

I harshly breathed for air when I saw his face just inches from me and found myself in his tight embrace.

“Go away!”

I panicked and pushed him away. He was surprised by my sudden outburst as he released me. I got up to my feet and started to sprint to get away from him, but he quickly grabbed my wrist before I could even put distance between us.

“Estela! Stop. I won’t do anything!”

He continued to tighten his grip on my wrist, but I couldn’t seem to feel nor hear anything at all. The only thing that mattered was to get away from this man as soon as possible – or my existence will be in danger!

I shouted and pulled my hand away.

“Estela, stop! It’s dangerous to run at night!”

That was when I paused and wandered my gaze.

It’s true.

It was already night time, and only the fire of the burnt wood served as our light and warmth.

“Are you hungry? I prepared our dinner.”

I slowly turned around to face him and then noticed those impaled fishes being grilled above the fire.


My cheeks heated up as he softly laughed.

I couldn’t help but pout when he continued to laugh at me.

I can’t help it!

It had been a whole day that I didn’t eat anything.

“I’ll let you go… but promise me that you won’t run away….” He slowly said while his eyes were not leaving my face to assist my reaction.

I met his eyes, trying to search if he would do something to me, and when I found that it wasn’t the case, that was when I nodded.

He smiled and let me go.

“I’m sorry about hugging you. Your body was shivering so I…”

He didn’t finish his sentence as he averted his gaze, looking all flush that a smile formed on my lips.

I quickly shook it away.

He deeply breathed before he went to grabbed a fish and gave it to me. His eyes were kind while his lips were smiling.


I hesitantly took the fish, still maintaining my guard against him. One wrong move, and I would dash away.

But first, I had to feed myself to replenish my energy.

“I’ll leave you alone, and I promise to put distance between us… so please…. don’t run away from me again….”

My heart shook when his voice and face pleaded that I unconsciously nodded. He smiled once more and walked towards a root of a large tree and sat down.

When I was sure that he wouldn’t do anything, I walked towards the opposite tree roots and sat myself before chomping the fish.

Not long after, I finished eating the fishes, and when only one fish remained, I raised my head to glanced at him, and that was when I noticed him staring intently at me with a smile on his lips.

I avoided his passionate gaze, couldn’t bear to see it.

“Don’t worry… I’ve already eaten.”

How can he read what I was thinking?

I frowned and grabbed the last fish to chomped it all down.

“You can rest after if you want. I’ll stand guard some more.”

I retraced his gaze, and that was when I noticed that our little shelter had been doubled.

He probably built it a while ago.

I sighed in relief when I realized that he was not entirely useless.

Somehow, I was comforted at the thought that the person I was stuck with on this island knew how to stay alive.

Even I didn’t expect that I could survive in this wilderness. I secretly thought that I had trained for this somehow. Thus, my brain and body naturally responded and adapted to these kind of situations.

I remained quiet while he continued to lean against the tree as he supported his chin with one hand while he quietly stared at me with a smile on his lips.

He looked like a love-struck fool watching his crush.

I blushed at the thought.

He is my boyfriend?

I couldn’t remember him and like everything else, only remembered that familiar sensation.

What now? What should I do?

I don’t want to be with him.

I might love him in the past, but now… he was just a stranger to me.

Should I tell him to break up with me?

But what will happen when I regain my memory?

But what if I don’t?

I sighed.

My head hurts at the different thoughts trying to battle each other in my head.

I glanced once more at the man in front of me.

Well, at least he didn’t keep pushing, and he said that he would back away.

Does that mean he won’t bother me anymore?

I felt relive and sad at the same time. Which was a weird feeling.

I’m not falling for him… am I?

I shook my head.


I didn’t want to be near him. I was too scared of what he could do to me.

Could he bring back my memories? Was that why my brother stranded us here together?

Do I even want my memories to come back?

No. I don’t.

I sharply inhaled for air when I realized my own thoughts.

I don’t want my memories to return?

Is that normal?


I felt that leaving like this, free and un-constricted like a newborn, trying to rediscover the world once more… would be nice.

So that was why I don’t like this man.

Associating with him might bring my memories back.

I had taken mental notes to put distance between us, not to associate with him anymore.


I have to tell him to break up with me and stop associating himself with me any longer.

But what if I regain my memories? My love for him?



I shook my head yet again.

I’ll just have to deal with it when it comes.

The important thing is to live in the present.

There must be a reason why I lost my memories in the first place, and a reason why that I didn’t want them back.

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