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Chapter 38: Past 3

“Brother, behind you!!”

I sprinted towards my brother and threw my daggers at the assailant, hoping in all hopes that I could stop the man from slicing my brother in half.

However, my effort was in vain as the attacker’s sword managed to slice my brother’s flesh as he flung my flying daggers with his thrown kunai like it was nothing.

“Don’t come!”

I stopped in my tracks and saw that my brother had somehow managed to evade with a shallow cut on his stomach while the black clothed man quickly evaded my brother’s kick.

Now that I could assist the situation, the assailant was covered with black fabrics from head to toe, and only the eyes could be seen.

An Assassin.

A professional killer.

I forgot to mention; often, there would be assassins and mercenaries, as well as, ex-soldiers’ mix into the fray –making the test much more challenging.


I know right.

My brother stopped me from coming towards him; there must be something up ahead. I scanned the ground while my brother kept the assassin occupied.

I got to say that the assassin was more than skilled to held his own against my brother.

When my eyes finally detected that ever so slightly small indentation in the snow. I threw my daggers at it, and the ground shook, giving way to a whole about ten meters deep with smooth rocks protruding, covering the ground.

I gulped.

There were probably more like that scattered all around us, and I would be grunting from broken bones right now if not for my brother’s warning. The fall might not be able to kill us, but it would undoubtedly make us scream for days.

My grandparents mean business this time.

I bit my lips feeling disgusted, angry and frustrated at my family for this senseless test.

It was not like the world would just fall into chaos overnight.

I didn’t get the whole sense in this training.

If it was just for self-defense, then it was okay – but this?

We are not in the past. War was already behind us.

What was the use of all of this?


It was too late to evade – in the blink of an eye, the dagger that supposed to hit my shoulder was thrown off to the side by my brother’s knife.

I glanced at my brother.

The assassin managed to stab my brother in the shoulder at just that moment that my brother lost focus because of me, because he used his dagger to save me from harm instead of defending himself.


I screamed and threw my needles at the assassin. I didn’t care if I used it all up. I was too in rage at the sight of my brother’s bleeding shoulder.

I knew my brother sacrificed himself so I wouldn’t be injured. I knew since the start of this training; he was continuously taking blows that supposed to harm me. He quietly protected me from the sides, not letting me be hurt.

But of course, my brother was still a human after all. He couldn’t always protect me with this many assailants. It was a given that I wouldn’t come out from all of this unscathed.

The assassin wanted to retreat, but my brother gripped the assassin’s arm which held the sword that the assassin stabbed in my brother’s shoulder.

And yet, the assassin still managed to avoid the needles that would land in the critical areas of his body.

However, my brother had taken the opportunity to take out a dagger and strike it against the assassin.

But it seemed that this assassin was really good. He avoided the knife just in time that it could do severe damage.

He managed to pull back his hand and somersaulted away from my brother.


I sprinted towards my brother’s side while my eyes were focus at that black mask man who was now exposing his face. My brother’s dagger managed to slice off the mask from the assailant’s face.

I was surprised to see that our professional assassin was young and good looking to boot – almost the same age as my bother.


My brother murmured.

Even though my brother was injured, he was still standing tall with his imposing aura. Not a trace of pain on his icy cold face.


Does my brother know the boy?

This Russell just grinned before he darted off.

“Wait right there!”

I was about to chase after him, but my brother stopped me.

I looked questioningly at him.

“His…. unimportant. We have to set out camp. It’s getting dark.”

Only then that I nodded and guiltily looked at his bleeding shoulder.

“Brother, your shoulder… I’m so–”

“It’s nothing serious.”

“Brother, let me set up camp. You just concentrate on your wound.”

I sprinted off towards our things to get the materials I needed before my brother could even stop me.

I avoided my gaze when my brother started to dent the heated knife against his wound.

The sizzling sound and the smell of burning flesh filled the igloo while my brother’s eyes dimmed though no sound could be heard from his lips, like he was already used to the pain.

I blinked away the tears in my eyes.

“Why do we have to do this? It’s not like we are in times of war.”

I began to runt while my brother wrapped his wounds in clean clothes after he close and disinfect his injuries.

“It’s not like we are in those times of our ancestors. This is already the twentieth century for heaven’s sake.”


My brother’s calm voice stopped me from procrastinating some more.

“Reserve your strength. You’ll need it in days ahead.”

“But brother! Don’t you find this whole thing… repulsing? Is it not enough to know self-defense? Why is it that we have to undergo this ridiculous training? I know that our grandparents just wanted to pass on their knowledge and life surviving skills they learned in times of war, but that time had now long gone pass–!”


My brother’s stern voice halted me, and I looked at his now severe unwavering face. Then he smiled and reached out to caressed my cheek.

“The world is changing, and we have to prepare ourselves for it by learning to adapt to different situations to preserve our bloodline.”

I puffed my cheeks and widened my eyes at him.

“You sounded like our grandparents.”

“You can’t survive in this world by just doing what’s right.”

Then he pushed me to lay on the cloth bedding.

“Now sleep. I’ll take the first watch.”

I didn’t complain – I knew that his wounds would wake him up so I might as well take the first rest.

I intertwined my forefinger in his and closed my eyes.

“Good night, brother.”

I softly whispered as I kept thinking about what he had said.

Throughout the years, I discovered that this world was not all ponies, doll houses, flowers, sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Even though I didn’t like it, I knew what he was saying. I knew how this world was cruel and could crush me whole in just a day.

It was precisely because of that – that I killed my other self.

The innocent girl that I was is dead. I killed her because she would never survive in this world.

I am willing to be the villain. To be the bad guy if it meant I could protect myself and those I love.

After all, bad guys weren’t so bad if they have something to protect.

I took a peek.


Everything is white.

I hated the color white.

It reminded me of desolation and loneliness.

But it also reminded me of you.

Your presence kept on comforting me in this cruel world.

My ever so cold and indifferent, yet warm and caring… big brother.

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