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Chapter 35: With You


Nghh . . .


I woke up when I felt a ticklish feeling on my face down to my neck.


W-what are you doing?! L-let go!


My arms flew to the mans chest, pushing him away. But he just let me hit his chest while he continued to lick my neck.


Even if I didnt like it, my body flared as it slowly built in my core, responding to his every touch.


W-what is going on with me?

I should feel repulsed and disgusted –– but I only felt familiarity and desire for him that left me baffled.


You know . . . when I saw you at that time, hit by a car, everything stopped,” he murmured as he licked my neck.


He then paused and stared at me, face full of emotions that all I could do was hold my breath.


At that moment . . . if you just wake up, I would give in to your demands. I would make love to you right there and then at the hospital even if youre still injured.”


He shot me a wry smile, which made my body burned, especially in the area between my thighs.


But here you are. Completely forgotten all about me.”


His voice turned brittle while he blinked the moisture in his eyes as he ran his fingers through his hair. This is punishment for saying those things to you.”


He caressed my face and gently but firmly pressed his lips on my forehead.


Nevertheless, I wont stop. I wont stop loving you even if you dont remember me . . . even if you cant remember me anymore.”


He stared at me with a weak grin on his face while he tilted his head to the side, looking all adorable, which made me want to caress his cheeks.


Ill just have to make you fall in love with me again.”


. . .


. . .




“. . .”


“. . .”


I didnt know whose stomach that was, but I found myself sitting now, mesmerized by the man in front of me whose face exploded in laughter. He was going crazy, laughing out loud.


Watching him like this somehow calmed me, and I couldnt help myself but feel a little closer and comfortable towards him.


Wait here, Little Stela . . . Ill go and get us something to eat.”


I was still in a daze on what was going on that I didnt notice he was already in his clothes and about to dart outside.


Without thinking, I reached out and grabbed his shirt. I didnt know what came over me as we continued to stare at each other in silence.


F-fever . . . ,” I said after an awkward silence.


His face lightened as he gave me a warm smile. Im fine now.”


He then bent down and kissed my cheek, and my face burned once more.


Thank you for taking care of me last night. Now, let me take care of you.”


And he was gone.


I was still in a daze while my brain was trying to dig out information on what was my relationship with him. Judging from the way he acted towards me and the way my body reacted to him . . .


Are we like those? Like my parents?


Are we married?


Why cant I remember?


I sighed and grabbed my clothes before I got out and met the dazzling blazing sun.


I raised my fingers and shaded my eyes from the light. Judging from the shadows position, it was about lunchtime.


The wet and cold rain last night didnt even leave anything behind as the leaves and ground dried up. And though the wind was cold, it was dump against the skin.


I wanted to take a bath.


Honestly, I should be panicking and scared that we were stranded on this island, but I was not. Like the wilderness was home to me.


Come to think of it.


How did that man got stranded here with me?


I walked a couple of meters before I arrived at the river.


Excited to bathe myself, I didnt give it much thought that I was not entirely alone on this island. I undressed and didnt leave any piece of clothing behind.


Then I hopped into the refreshing cold stream.


Ah . . .


I was amazed at how the river was so clear that I could even see all the fishes swimming and the tiny pebbles glimmering under the light.


Then something came into mind, and before I even knew what I was doing, my fingers were already holding a fish by its tail –– dangling it in front of me!


W-what happened?


Surprised, I jerked, and the fish wiggled away from my grasp.


I think I have supernatural powers.


The fishes seemed to be swimming in slow motion, and I could even sense where their next destination would be if that made any sense. Before I could even react, my hand already caught another fish.


I gasped.


I let go of the fish, walked back towards the shore, butt naked, and started to dig and dig.

I only stopped digging when the water-filled the two hundred millimeters deep well. I surrounded the sides with big rocks and inserted small stones as bedding and filtered the muddy water by using my dress –– it was not easy.


After a while, fresh, clean water emerged, and I hopped towards the river, ready to haul our food.


I exerted all my focus on my eyes, and when the fish swam on my right, my fingers reacted faster than I could blink.




I giggled.


I was so proud of myself.


Wow. Youre a big one. I cant wait to eat––!


Before I could finish my sentence, my fingers released the fish.


Somehow, I couldnt bring myself to kill that slimy creature.

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