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Chapter 34: On this Island




My brain flashed with these many things on how to escape his grip, but all of it would give him immeasurable pain. And somewhere in me didnt want to hurt him.


He released my mouth, but much to my horror, his lips trailed on my neck as he murmured words I couldnt comprehend.


Estela, Im sorry . . . I didnt mean it . . .”


He looked at me. His amethyst eyes were misty, face full of pain and guilt.

At that time, I was angry at myself for imagining dirty things to do to you . . . I never said I didnt like your perverted self . . . Its just that . . . it was such a turn on it awakened something in me . . . Something savage, and I didnt want to hurt you. Estela I love you so much it got me frustrated, and I snapped at you . . . Im so sorry.”


He kept hugging and pressing his body against me while he caressed his lips on my neck.


S-stop! W-who are you! L-let me go!


He stiffened and stared at me with bewildered eyes as if assessing if I was telling the truth. When he discerned that I was not lying, his eyes rounded.


Estela . . . did you . . . lost your memories?


His face contorted in pain like he was about to cry when I didnt answer, just staring at him in fear.


He got up and paced around, looking all alarmed and panic.


This person is not stable.


I stood to my feet when he was not looking and sprinted for it. But before I could even get on with the idea, strong hands wrapped around my waist, and my back warmed from his heat.


S-stay away! L-let me go! I tried to wiggle myself out from his embrace.


Estela, calm down . . . I wont hurt you . . . I wont hurt you.”


He repeated near my ear as countless tingling bolts shocked my spine. But oddly enough, my body calmed down.


Its me, little Stela . . . Its Zhander . . . ,” he whispered without letting me go.




. . .


. . .


Doesnt ring a bell.


But his embrace comforted me. It made me feel warm and protected.


I-I dont know you.”


I shrunk in his embrace, and I was heating for unknown reasons as my thighs unconsciously rubbed together for friction.


Mmm . . . Its alright . . . Its alright . . . we can take it slow.”


His warm voice tickled my head while his cheek rubbed my hair as he embraced me tight, not letting me go, and it awoken some feelings I refused to surface.


Take it slow?


W-w-what are you talking about? L-let me go!


Estela . . . Estela . . . I love you . . . I love you . . .”


He kept chanting as if being possess.


Then my back felt heavy as his gripped loosened. Without a second thought, I freed myself, and he slumped on the ground, breathing heavily.


W-whats wrong with him?


Even if I didnt want to, I went closer and kneeled in front of him. My trembling hand reached out, and I touched his face.


Hes burning!





(Play Video)


Oh, crappy P***!


W-what on earth did I thought?




N-no . . .”


I whimpered when the freezing wind blew our way, accompanied by cold, piercing rain.


W-what should I do?


I stared at the unconscious heaving man. It didnt take a genius that if this keeps up, his fever will intensify under the rain if I didnt do something.


I didnt want a corpse accompanying me on this island, for God knows how long until my brother finally remembered that he pushed and abandoned me here.






The rain intensified, and I knew I have to move quickly if I wanted to save our asses. I put his arm around my shoulders and supported his massive body with mine.


Gah! So heavy!


Hey. Hey! Stay with me . . . y-you have to walk.”


I urged when his eyes barely opened.


Im . . . so . . . ry . . .”


No time for that. We have to get out from the rain.”


I didnt know why, but my body zoomed into the forest. The towering trees and the grey cloudy sky made the surroundings dim and scary, and like automatic, my senses heightened.


I closed my eyes. All I heard were sounds of animals skittering and the rains drizzling and the roaring of the thunders.


My eyes opened and searched for something –– tiny animal tracks which led deeper into the forest.


Without a second thought, I followed those tracks, making sure to assess our surroundings, taking tiny steps, making sure the trail ahead was safe.


When I finally heard the faint gushing sound of water, we were already soaking wet to the bones while he was about to pass out at any moment. His once burning body was colder than mine as he shook that I couldnt help but feel pity for him.


Stay here.”


I placed him down under a large tree with a sunken trunk that served as a temporary shelter for him.


I then grabbed a sharp stone I found a while ago and cut some branches and vines. My hands carried piles and piles of vines, twigs, branches, and leaves before I went back to his side.


I went to him and felt his forehead. His eyes closed tight with purple spots underneath. His lips were quivering and purplish.


Oh no!


I grabbed the branches and twigs and built a frame for the shelter. After I finished building the frame, using all the natural materials I could find, I made the roof and bedding.


I didnt give it much thought on how I built a shelter with these materials alone. It was like my brain and body were thinking on its own.


Come on . . .”


I put his arm around my shoulders, and supported his lifeless body and guided him inside the shelter.


Ah . . .


My eyes closed, savoring the warm, dry, and safe feeling inside the cramped hut that barely fit us. But it was enough at the moment.


Hey . . . you okay? Are you alright?


I lightly slapped his face, but he didnt have any reaction except closing his eyes tight while his body shuddered. Without a second thought, like it was a natural thing to do under these circumstances –– I unbuttoned his shirt and removed his clothes.


I was in a state of panic and was shaken with his condition that I didnt give it much thought at how my body heated at the sight of his nakedness with his prominent bulge outlined his wet boxers.


I hanged his wet clothes at the edge of the hut and stared at his still trembling body. I then grabbed the banana leaves soaked in saltwater and gently placed it on top of him.


But that still didnt stop his quivering.


Not thinking about anything just to save him, I pulled down the zipper of my dress and joined him under the leaves. I then hugged him so I could transfer my heat to him.


After a moment, he finally stopped shaking, and my eyes closed. The exhaustion of everything that happened caught up with me.


Dont die . . .


Dont . . . die . . .


I . . . love . . . you . . .

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