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Chapter 33: Stranded

“Young master, we’re here.”

I woke up and found myself twenty meters above……

…… the ocean?

I glanced at my brother who was now staring at me with his unreadable face.

“B-brother…… w-what are we doing here?”

I meekly asked while glancing at the ocean below, then my eyes caught a lone island decorated with thick trees not far from where we were hovering.

“I’ll come back for you in a month in time for your birthday.” Was all he said before he smirked at me and shoved me off the helicopter.



I was assaulted with panic and fear when the scary ocean swallowed me whole, unable to pull out from its grasp.

I was sinking deeper and deeper.

And then, like an automatic response, my body started to move, desperately trying to save me while my brain blanked out from the shock of what my brother just did to me.

Is he trying to kill me?


I breathed for air when my nose was finally freed from the water. I controlled my breathing to calm myself and started to swim towards that island.

I didn’t think.

I just let my body do the rest.

I didn’t give it much thought on how I could swim like a pro. At this moment, I only wanted to live.



I glanced up at the sky when I was finally on the shore.

The helicopter was now just a speck in the sky as it flew away from me.


“B-brother….” I whimpered.

The overwhelming emotions of hurt, sadness, and fear overtook me and my tears fell.




It was like the whole world stop.

I gulped and turned around.

And there he was.

The man with amethyst eyes in all his stunning beauty bathed under the scorching sun. The bags under his eyes were already prominent now, and he lost weight again, but still – he looked undeniably handsome.

I backed away when he walked towards me, his face full of longing and happiness. His dark violet eyes were misty. His whole person, radiating with an intensity that it felt like any moment now – he would devour me whole.


Why did brother abandon me with this hungry panther?

I was literally shaking when he reached out to me.

I moved backwards only to found my shaking legs gave way as I fell, landing on my butt.


When I recovered from embarrassingly falling on the ground, he was already there, right in front of me.

Immediately, I crawled away from him.

“S-stay back!”

I grabbed some sand and threw it to his face when he still inched closer towards me.


He recoiled as he rubbed his eyes.

I’d taken the opportunity and stood up and ran away from him, stumbling along the way.

I didn’t know why I was so scared of that man.

Like I didn’t want to see him or I’ll… I’ll…


“Estela! Wait!”

He kept on running after me despite his reddened eyes. I ran faster.

It felt like I was being chased down by a serial killer.

It was a good thing that my body had this insatiable stamina and was fast, extremely fast.

“Estela! Ah–!”

I halted when I heard something fell.

I turned around to find the man on the sand – unmoving.

My heart instantly thumped, wanting to come out from my chest.

I may be scared of him, but I didn’t want to kill him nor him getting killed in front of me.

I started to worry when time passes, and he was still motionless.

Did he hit his head on a rock when he fell?

The thought instantly made my heart raced 4oo km./hr. And it was starting to hurt.

I crept in closer towards where he was while I clasped my heart.

I was now just two meters away from him. I glanced left and right to search for something to tap him with.

When I didn’t see anything, I kicked the sand towards him. The sand already covered half of his head, yet he still laid there, motionless on the ground.

And before I knew it, I was squatting in front him, just inches from his motionless self.

With trembling hands, I poked his head.


I screamed when he suddenly grabbed my arms and pressed me under him. He pinned my two hands on top of my head and before I could even scream some more – his lips covered mine.

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