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Chapter 32: Past 2

1… 2.. 3….7… 10…. 14….

Twenty people.

Terrain. Snow

Movement. Limited.

Guns. Four people.

Rest. Knives and ax.

I licked my lips and tightened my grip on my daggers, my eyes focused on those holding the guns.

“Take care of the guns.”

That’s my cue.

I sprinted towards the nearest person holding a revolver.

The hellish basic training paid off. It heightened my senses and reflexes as well as making my body light and flexible.

I moved in a zigzag motion to avoid the bullets coming my way.

A Colt Python Revolver.

Three bullets left.

2…. 1.


I kicked the guy in the stomach and slashed his neck.

That’s one down.


I moved to the side just in time that the bullet grazed my hair. I turned and threw my dagger at the man straight on his skull.

That’s two.

I sprinted again towards the other two. There were those who tried to barge my way, but I was much quicker.

When it came to speed, I was confident with myself.

I paid those men no mind and continued my focus on those two holding the guns.

I quickened my pace, slashing everything in my path, including those men who barged my way.

Wherever I go, screams resounded until I reached the person holding the gun at point blank in front of me.

I ducked when his finger pulled the trigger.


His hands fell off when my dagger met his flesh. Before he could even let out another scream, I sliced off his neck.

That’s three.

I ran towards my last prey while avoiding the bullets he so desperately aimed at me.

“S-stay! S-stay ba–!”

I jumped when I was just meters in front of him and landed on his shoulders and instantaneously stabbed my dagger on his head.

That’s four.

I was too occupied on my last kill that I didn’t notice a man with an ax looming behind me.

I turned around, hoping to get him before he could even slice me in two.

I saw his bloodshot eyes without remorse as he brought down the ax to slice me in half.


Red liquid splattered on my face when the man spat out a mouthful of blood, his eyes rolled back as he slumped against the ground with a knife stuck on the back of his head.

I glanced up and saw my brother panting with blood on his icy face.

And then, I roamed my gaze around to find that no one was left except for us.

My brother had already finished them all.

“Are you alright?”

My brother extended his hand at me which I grabbed and stood up.

“Don’t mind me. What about you?”

He just nodded, then he walked towards the corpses to loot their rations and clothes.

I did the same.

I grabbed their guns and ammunition. Their supplies. Their clothes.

This was how we were going to survive for the next couple of days – stranded here in the cold, desolate place until we find that base.

It was our last training for the advanced test and after this, we would be free from this hellish drill.

The basic was to prepare us. Rigorous exercise to conditioned our body.

The intermediate were skills and techniques to equip us to survive and defend ourselves under different circumstances.

And the last, the advance, it was the test to put it all to use.

There were four phases of the advance training.

The hellish dessert in the south.

The deep waters in the east.

The wild jungle in the west.

And the freezing unknown land in the north.

There was only one condition for the training.

Survive until you reach the base.

Wherever that base was unknown.

And these criminals who were judged for life sentence had been given a chance to be free or reduce their jail time if they manage to defeat us.

Land us a hit, and your sentence would be reduced to ten years.

Managed to knock us out, and it would be reduced to twenty.

Kill us, and you’re a free man.

Of course, our grandparents would never allow us to die – so the last was just a lie to enticed the men to give it their all when facing us.

We could just give up or admit defeat so we could get out from all of this.

But that was where you were wrong.

If we failed, we have to repeat the test all over again and again until we succeeded, and believe me; I don’t want to repeat this – ever.

Every man had rations and weapons on them. That was how we would endure this godforsaken place with nothing on us but our clothes and couple of weapons to last us a week.

The Fay’s have this strict rules not to kill animals unless push comes to shove.

Bread, cheese, water….. oh~ chocolate.

I also looted the man’s clothes, leaving him with just his briefs on.

We needed all the clothes we could get with this harsh cold.

I wrapped his clothes and tied it like a bag to carry the goods.

I roamed around to find my brother doing the same.

Judging from our haul today, these could last us for a week or two.

That was the challenge for this training.

You didn’t know when would be the next attack and sometimes, some of our attackers just appeared out of nowhere. Thus, we had to be prepared at all times and consumed just the right amount of food if we wanted to last until we found that base.

“Let’s go. We have to build a shelter before the sun can completely go down.”

That’s right; the major trial was to stay alive at this below freezing point temperature.

I flipped my haul over my shoulder and prepared myself to find a place to rest when my eyes caught someone.

“Brother, behind you!!”

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