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Chapter 31: Amusement

It had been a week since that incident in my brother’s office.

I didn’t know why that man said I love you to me.

Maybe I just misinterpreted his lips?


I kept reassuring myself to no avail.

Recently, I found something in my body that was… I didn’t know if I should say… out of the ordinary?

I have this keen eyesight that if I focus, I could see things in slow motion. My ears could also catch even the tiniest sound as long as it was within a twenty meter radius. I also have this incredible reflexes. And I couldn’t believe how my body was so light and flexible – as in, truly flexible, that sometimes, I wonder if I still have bones.

And in my things, I found daggers and needles in different shapes and sizes, as well as, ‘things’ like pills and tiny bottles full of different color liquids that I didn’t even know what for.

Do I practice medicine or something?

I don’t remember.

I sighed as I watch the birds freely roaming the clear sky from my bedroom window.

Nothing’s changed.

I still remembered nothing.

Only familiar feelings and emotions, yet the rests were all blank.

I retracted my gaze and turned around towards my bedroom door when it flung open and came in my brother in his suit, his frosty eyes were staring at me with suppressed amusement.

It had been going on for days now.

My brother would always look at me funny like I was some kind of a clown for his entertainment while I couldn’t help but puff my cheeks at him.

Without any words, my brother crossed the distance between us, and before I could even ask what he was doing here – he grabbed me by the arm and forced me to stand up.

“B-brother, w-what’s going on?”

I whispered, so I wouldn’t alert Lily who I knew was just nearby.

“Let’s go. It’s been entertaining watching you like this, but I’m starting to get irritated when all I can hear from my wife’s delicious lips is your name.”

“What? I don’t understand.”

My resistance was not enough to shook him off as he continued to drag me out of the room and out of the mansion.

But even so, I didn’t shout since I was afraid that my brother would be scolded by Lily.

I didn’t know why I felt like this towards him when all he did since the moment I woke up was to stare at me funny.

“Get in.”

My body automatically heeded his command and got on the chopper.

“B-brother… where are we going?”

I asked when I was starting to get worried when we kept on flying in the air for almost thirty minutes now.

My brother didn’t respond as he continued to stare at his phone with a silly grin on his face.

I got curious and scooted over towards him and glanced at his phone.

My face instantly reddened when I took a peek at his screen.

He’s watching porn?!!

No, wait.

It was that girl, the one my brother was hugging at the hospital – his wife.


Is he spying on her while she’s bathing?

I avoided my gaze when the girl started to strip.

The pretty girl didn’t seem to know that she was being spied on.

Is my brother…..

…. a pervert?

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