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Chapter 30: Amethyst

I woke up when I heard angry voices.

My eyes automatically flew towards the open window.

Grunting, I dragged my body up from the heavenly feel of the bed to close the window so I could go back to sleep.

“Don’t ever show your face around her again!”

I paused.

That’s Lily’s voice.

I didn’t know that she could have this tone full of contempt and coldness.

Slightly shaken and curious, I glanced down below the two-story mansion and saw Lily talking to a tall, tan, handsome young man.


My heart missed a beat at the sight of him.


My whole system shook when his deep amethyst eyes met mine.

“Little Stela….”

His voice was soft and low. His eyes flashed with different emotions – relief, pain, hurt, guilt.

“Little Stela!”

He called again, and my legs instantly became weak.

Afraid of what this man had done to me, I immediately closed the window, but not before I heard Lily’s angry, threatening voice.

“I let it slide for Estela, but this time, don’t ever come near her again if you know what’s good for you.”

I went back to my bed.

Peace and quiet.



I turned around, unable to close my eyes.

Those amethyst poles constantly bugging my brain, and my heart hadn’t been exactly cooperating.

I sighed and brought my hand to rest on top of my eyes, forcing myself to go back to sleep.

These past few days, Lily Fay continued to remain by my side.

She was sticking to me like a fly stuck on a flypaper.

If that was one way to explain my feelings at the current situation.

She had been showing me pictures and bringing me to places that could awaken my memories, and it had been a week since I stepped foot in their – I mean, our mansion while Hynes was busy with work.

Ever since my brother had gotten married, Hynes had been busy substituting for my brother while the latter was busy enjoying his honeymoon with his wife.

The only time I saw my brother’s wife was at that time in the hospital. Lily said that she was my best friend.

I wonder why I couldn’t remember her.

Well, I can’t remember anything.

We were currently in our office building in New York.

My mother wanted me to feel the environment where I worked, maybe that would jog some memories.

I scoffed over closer to Lily, feeling uncomfortable and scared like how I usually behave when I saw countless unfamiliar people and surroundings.

I couldn’t help myself being terrified and lonely – feeling that the whole world would swallow me whole.

I was like a caged rabbit first time being freed into the wilds.

I secretly fixed my long white prairie skirt and the calf of my long-sleeve grey shirt. I knew that I probably look like an old maid in my outfit, but I couldn’t help it. I felt vulnerable and uneasy when I don’t cover myself.

All the beautiful dresses and clothes in my closet were a little too… revealing for me. Thus, Lily brought me to our boutique so I could choose the clothes that I wanted.

“This is your office, dear.” Lily encouraged me to step into a neatly organize bright room and yes –  everything was also in the shades of white down to the types of furniture.

Do I love the color white so much?


Lily’s face held expectations, but I just stared at her.

No familiarization, just the feeling of being comfortable.

If that counts.

Lily’s face fell, but she immediately smiled.

I was already used to her change of facial expressions.

“That’s alright. It’s just been a week after all.” Lily clasped her hands, and her face brightened.

“I know! Why don’t we visit your brother? You always love to be around him.”

Before I could even say anything, she grabbed my hand and we rode the private elevator going to my brother’s office.

When the elevator dinged, I was immediately transported to an office with an elegantly modern feel with hues playing in shades of black and grey.

Then I spotted my brother sitting like a King.

“What’re you doing here?”

Lily’s angry hissing voice snapped me out of my amazement and noticed that my brother was not alone.

Those amethyst eyes were staring at me. He was sitting in front of my brother. He had bags under his eyes, and he had lost weight since the last time I saw him on that open window outside our mansion.

“Little Stela….”

Those amethyst poles shone bright when we met gazes.

I felt scared when my inner system shook yet again.

He stood up and was rushing towards me.


Panic and terrified at him, I pulled away from Lily’s grip and circled my way towards my brother’s protection. Hiding behind his chair – shaking, silently asking for him to keep me safe.

Those violet eyes looked hurt, and I felt that anytime now, he would just – collapse.

“Get out! Get out, now!”

Lily’s voice echoed inside the whole office, and I felt even more scared.

This was the first time that I saw Lily’s scary cold face, her whole being devouring and ready to bare her fangs at the man.

Don’t!….. don’t!


Don’t what?

“Mother, he and I have business.”

My brother’s calm self somehow comforted me. My brother didn’t even bother to glance at me behind him, but even so, his back was all I needed to feel safe.

“Cain! How could you? After what he did? We could have lost Estela! It’s already considered mercy that we let him off easily.” Lily’s color was now paler than usual. Her soft smiling emerald eyes turned deeper and darker without an ounce of warmth as her whole being was ready to flung at any moment to suck the lights out of those violet poles.

No!….. Don’t…..

Don’t what?

My brother finally stood up, and I immediately grabbed his shirt like a kid asking him not to leave me.

My brother glanced at me, mirth and amusement in his eyes. I somehow felt that, I was being mocked upon.

I don’t like it.

“Mother. Take Estela and go.”

My brother remained calm, yet I could feel that his tone had a hint of warning in them.

Lily regained her bearing. She breathed deeply to calm herself, yet still maintained her piercingly cold eyes at the man with amethyst poles while the latter just continued to look at me intently, his eyes not leaving mine that I had to hide again behind my brother’s back to escape his view.

I felt that the man with amethyst irises would take me away at any moment and my legs turned jelly at the thought.

“Let’s go, Estela.” Lily extended her hand at me.

I didn’t budge, still shaking at the thought that if I left my brother’s back, I… the violet man would snatch me away.


My body automatically heeded the command of my brother’s voice, like it had been trained to obey his every word.

My wobbling legs and trembling hands had somehow managed to made its way towards Lily while all the while, I felt those amethyst poles boring through me.

I lowered my head, afraid to meet his gaze.

Afraid to see his hurting face.

Eh? What did I just think?

Before I could even contemplate, Lily grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the elevator.

Before the door close, I saw the tall, handsome man with amethyst eyes moved his lips.

I love you.

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