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Chapter 3: Happenings


Eh~! You wanted to go fetch my brother?


Yes, will you help me? Leannas voice, on the other line, was pleading and a little helpless.


I jumped from my seat.


Say no more. Ill be down there in your unit in an hour.”


I ended the call then dialed Three to get our jet ready. After which I dashed to take a bath, got dress, and shoved everything I needed in my bag.


Oh~ I cant wait to see my brothers surprised face! I wonder what his reaction will be like?! Tehehehehe!

After me, Leanna and Zoe arrived in Vegas and got dress for the masquerade party, we drove all the way in front of an enormous newly opened Casino.


Id gotten acquainted and became friends with Zoe through Leanna.


I like the girl.


She has a perverted mind.


I held my purse tight, which contained my customized folded camera and strode inside. The place was pack as expected. I brought out my camera and roamed my gaze, impatient to find my brother.


I grabbed Zoes hand when I noticed that Leanna was heading towards a man wearing a silver mask.


As expected of my brothers lover. She found him in this sea of people in just seconds.


I restrained a squeal when my brother led Leanna into the dance floor. Seeing my brother radiated with warmth, I almost wanted to kiss Leannas feet for making him so happy.


When the dance ended, I was frustrated and disappointed that they didnt even kiss. They just hugged each other. I wasnt even surprised when they just strode off, leaving Zoe and me behind.


Ohhh~ its going to be a hot steamy night! Tehehehe!


Zoe, come on. Lets go back to our hotel! Quick!


I shouted while my brain was racking ideas on how to enter Leannas room and spy on them making love.


. . .


. . .


I glanced at Zoe when she didnt respond and found her gaze was lock somewhere . . . or someone.


Where are you going? I grabbed her hand when she just motioned to ran away.


I . . . I . . .” Zoe didnt even glance at me as she stammered like I was invincible. Her stare never strained from a certain spot, not even blinking like she was possessed.


Im sorry, Estela! I have to go! Go back on your own! Ill call you!


She said in a panic as she shook my hand and ran towards the exit.




 I was about to run after her when a familiar voice stopped me.


Little Stela.”


Of course, Zhander has to be here.




My words got stuck in my throat when I saw him in his princely outfit. His mask, nowhere to be found.


So it was really Leanna . . . ,” he mumbled, but I heard it, clear as day.


I ignored the cut in my heart. Yeah, she wanted to fetch my brother, so I helped her.”


Zhander closed his eyes for a moment, expression hurt.


I gripped my hands to shackle it in place, not allowing them to caress his cheeks to ease his pain.


Little Stela, where are you staying? Ill take you there,” he said, accompanied by a forced smile.


I didnt have the energy to argue with him, so I told him our hotel.


Zhander nodded and held my hand as he guided me out of the casino.

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