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Chapter 29: Past 1


Everything is white.

I raised my chubby arms and cried.

Feeling all alone and abandoned.

Then out of the blue… I saw the ocean.

The clear aqua.

I felt myself shivered from those cold poles staring at me – but when I touched his face, I felt warm.

I giggled when my soft chubby palms felt ticklish on his lips.

I extended my arms at him while laughing and I felt myself raised from that soft clouds into his warm embrace.

“Hello Estela, I am Cain Fay. Your brother.”

“Brother! Brother! Brother!”

I giggled as I hopped towards my brother who I hadn’t seen for almost a year now.

Since my brother had turned seven, he would just return every now and then, and he would be gone again.

I asked my parents where he went, but they said that he was doing some sort of training.

Ever since I was born into this world, I was always attached to my brother. Others would repulse at his cold personality, but I would always stick to him like glue even if he got annoyed sometimes – but even so, he just let me. He never once did scold me nor got angry with me. He would always have this indifferent attitude. However, every time that I was crying, he would always be there, by my side… just sitting on the floor… reading while I cried on his shoulder. Every time that I would be in trouble, he would always be there to rescue me. His cold face was just to mask on how warm he really was.

Our separation for almost a year didn’t damage my adoration and love for him one bit, even now that I will turn seven years old.

I saw my brother in the main door of our mansion, and like always, every time that he would return home, his coldness intensified. And I felt like every bit of his emotions left him and what remained was just a cold, indifferent, unfeeling boy.

Nevertheless, I hugged him tight at the sight of him.


I giggled and rubbed my face against his warm belly.

He didn’t react and just nodded at me before he walked inside towards his room while I followed him around.

“Cain, why do you keep on failing your intermediate training? Refusing to climb up to the advance?” My grandmother smiled, but that didn’t reach her eyes.

I didn’t know why my grandparents suddenly appeared on my birthday. Usually, they didn’t show themselves – ever.

In my seven years of existence, I only saw them once, and that was when my brother left for his training five years ago.

I didn’t like my grandparents. They’re cold and…..

….. scary.

“Mother. Cain is only a child. He would make mistakes…!”

My mother stopped in her tracks when my grandmother turned her dark, terrifying eyes at her.

My grandfather drank his wine before he sternly looked at us and said with a throaty vibrating voice.

“Cain is a genius. He’s the only person who finished the beginners training with the highest score in history, and now you’re saying that he’s a failure?” My grandfather sneered and looked all hard at my brother. “It’s not because you don’t want to take the advance.”

Then he shifted his scary eyes to me which I immediately lowered my head – terrified to meet his gaze.

“It’s just… you’re waiting for someone. Isn’t it, my boy?”

I felt a creeping terror at his menacing voice that I couldn’t help myself from whimpering.

My brother stopped eating and challenged the gazes of my grandparents with an expressionless face. His coldness contended with theirs.



The deafening silence continued as neither one of them back down.

Then my grandmother sighed, and with a helpless tone said.

“Cain. I know that you probably think that we’re cruel… forcing you to do this. You might not understand this now, but we are doing this for you. The world is constantly changing, and you need to be prepared. You may think of us as monsters, and that is fine… Blame us. Recent us. If that is what it’ll take for you to become stronger… Then do it.”

My grandmother then stared at me. For a moment, I thought it was love I saw in her eyes, but then it was quickly gone as it came.

“We’ll make you a deal. Finish the intermediate training and take up other skills while you wait for Estela to finish hers… and then you both can undergo the advance training together.”

My brother’s face somewhat brightened. My parents, however, clenched their fists and tightened their jaws.

But… there is a catch.” My grandfather quickly added.

“Your advance training will double in difficulty.”


“Father! They are your grandchildren.”

My mother finally couldn’t take it anymore. Her face had gone all white as her emerald eyes shone no longer while her whole being emanated a deadly killing intent, ready to wage war at the two elder people in front of us.

I trembled at the sight of her that I unconsciously shrunk on my seat while my eyes glistened with tears.

“All the more so!” My grandfather just sneered at my mother, and I felt the air tightened – suffocating to the point of being unbearable.

I felt my brother’s callus warm hand on top of mine.


The intense atmosphere broke when my brother’s voice echoed in the dining room.

“Great. Then we will expect splendid results from you.”

My grandparents tapped a napkin on their lips and left the dining room, leaving my mother crying while my father comforted her.

I glanced up at my brother who was now looking at me with a smile on his face.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you go through this alone.”

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