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Chapter 28: Amnesia


I glanced at the gigantic mansion.


Is this where I live?




Lets go, dear. Youll stay here with us until you regain your memories,” Lily said and held my hand, pulling me inside.


Regain my memories?


I sighed.


I glanced over at the middle-aged man who was harboring a warm smile, looking at me full of concern.


And . . .


*gulp . . .

I shifted my focus on the cold, indifferent man beside Hynes Fay. He was just staring at me with his icy eyes. His face was unreadable as we quietly made our way into the house.


I didnt know why, but I was uncomfortable at Cains, my brothers, stare. Even though he was emanating a scary air around him, I only felt a sense of overwhelming pride and affection for him.




We made our way into the maze-like mansion. Oddly even though the estate was big and airy and bright –– it was eerily quiet, and all the people in uniforms bowed upon seeing us.


And what was even more strange, my feet knew every twist and turn.


I guess this is really my home.


This is your room, Estela.” Lily opened an intricately carved white painted wooden door, and different shades of white assaulted my eyes.


And I was home.


Well, do you remember anything? Lily urged when I stood there, taking all the details.


Lily . . . ,” Hynes reprimanded before tapping my shoulder. Estela, take your time. No need to pressure yourself to remember.”


I ignored them and roamed my eyes in the bedroom. It was spacious enough to fit a hundred people with only a bed, study table, chair, and some doors, which must be the bathroom and closet. Everything was rustic and in shades of white like I was in heaven.


Why would I sleep in this room? I could probably do golf here.


C-can I . . . Can I rest? I asked, voice meek as I was afraid they would get angry.


Of course, of course! Anything you want, dear.” Lily sauntered to me, attempting to hug me, but I recoiled and gazed at her in suspicion.


Her expression fell, but she quickly returned to her kind, smiling face.


Get rest, Estela. Well show you the other rooms when youre feeling fine,” Hynes said and guided his wife out of the room even though Lily kept looking at me –– unwilling to leave me alone.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Uhm . . . arent you going to leave?


I asked my brother, who was not budging inside my room, while Hynes and Lily were now long gone.


My brother only stared at me before he made his way and sat on the bed. His frosty eyes not leaving me for a second.


A nagging feeling hit me, but I didnt know what exactly. It was not a happy feeling . . . more like . . . a sad and frustrating feeling.


Sad about what?


I let him down.




Do you want to live like this?




My brother tilted his head as if examining me. I know youre hiding somewhere in there, Estela.”


I stepped back. I didnt know why, but I was afraid.


Afraid of what?


Afraid of him?




Afraid to face reality.


My brother stood and walked towards the door. But before he went out, he gave me a long-lasting glance.


Ill give you a month.”


And he was gone.


A month?


A month of what.


I didnt understand what he was saying, but somewhere in me . . . understood.


What the hell?


It was like I have another person living inside me.

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