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Chapter 27: ● ● ●


Is she going to be alright?


Yes, she just hit her head from the fall. The scan and tests show nothing wrong with her skull and brain. Besides the wounds on her head and bruises on her body, shell be fine.”


. . .


Little Stella . . . Im so sorry . . . please wake up . . .”


. . .


Why isnt she waking up?!


Calm down, Mr. Jansen . . . its only been a day. Shell wake up eventually.”


She better be, or Ill make sure you wont ever wake up.”


. . .


Little stela . . . wake up . . .”


Little Stella . . . Im so sorry . . .”


I love you . . .”


. . .


Something was drifting away . . .


Something was being locked . . .


Like a chest stored away. Never to be open.


Im drifting away . . .

Nghh . . .


I groaned as I opened my eyes. The bright light assaulted my sight, and my eyelids squinted.


I felt dizzy and nauseous at the smell.


Whats that smell?


Estela! Youre awake!


The loud voice made me frown and woozy.


I turned to the person who yelled. It was a beautiful middle-aged woman with white hair and stunning emerald eyes. She hugged me tight that I felt suffocated.


Im so glad youre finally awake!




Estela. How are you feeling? a middle-aged man asked, beside the woman. He was handsome with his silver hair and frosty eyes.


Then my sight caught not one, but three other people around me, staring at me with worry-filled eyes. They were saying something to me, yet I couldnt understand. All I heard were ringing inside my head.


There was this otherworldly man who looked like the middle-aged man –– only more cold and handsome. He was embracing a pretty girl with striking brown eyes. The girls face was coated with worry, but she was smiling.


Beside them was a gorgeous girl with pink hair, who had been opening her mouth saying something I couldnt comprehend.


Est . . la . . . re . . . yo . . . alright? the middle-aged lady asked, tone soft.


I glanced over at the people in front of me and roamed my eyes at my surroundings.


Who are you?I asked.

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