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Chapter 26: Pitch Black


Nngh . . .”


He groaned ever so quietly when I pulled my hand away from his and rubbed his bulged beneath his boxers.


Estela . . . ,” he protested, tone in pain. He probably wanted me to stop, yet his pleading voice only enticed me to continue.


I pulled his boxers down together with his briefs, exposing the fullness of his length.


Oh P***!


Hes so hard.


And big!


And hot!!


And throbbing!!!


My fingers wrapped around his thick shaft, trying to circle its thickness to no avail.

Nghh . . .”


He groaned when I moved my fingers up and down while my eyes never left his –– now panting face.


His eyes were intense. His lips quivered. His cheeks were flush as he grabbed my hand, a weak attempt to stop me.


S-stop . . .”


I moaned upon hearing him plead.


Oh, P***!


I want him now!


I grabbed his hand while my leg flung on top of his in a possessive embrace. I led his palm to my leg up to my thigh, dragging my dress along, exposing my white lacy underwear. His weak attempt to pull his hand away was halted when I guided his hand between my thighs towards my throbbing wet core.


His eyes bulged when his fingers grazed the wetness of my underwear.


Stop . . . it . . .”


He hissed as I rubbed his fingers against me while my other hand continued to pump his cock.


Zhander . . . mmnn . . . ,” I purred while looking all pleading at him.


Pleading for him to take me.


I guided his fingers inside my panties to rub my clit when he finally lost it.






Everyone hushed, but Zhander didnt care as he pulled his hand and brushed my hand away from his cock. He zipped his pants and buckled his belt and without even waiting for me –– he stood from the bed and stormed out of the cinema.




I called and went after him.


Oh, dear, I made him angry again.


Zhander, wait!


I was running now and didnt care at the curious stares thrown at us as I sprinted out of the mall.




I caught up with him and grabbed his arm.


Zhander, why are you so angry?


Well, frankly, I dont understand. I mean, he is a man, and clearly, he wanted it too. I can see it in his eyes –– the bulging veins on his forehead from suppressing his lust as well as his excited cock.


Zhander snapped his head at me, looking upset that I felt a little guilty.


Estela, we made a deal. Why cant you be not like . . . this for a day?


My blood boiled.


What do you mean, not like this?


I was offended now. And I dont get offended easily.


Zhander ran his fingers through his hair, looking like he was about to strangle me.


Not perverted in a day! I feel like I dont even know you anymore. Since weve gotten together, youve constantly been assaulting me.”


Zhander didnt hold anything back even when my face contorted into an ugly sneer.


What do you mean by that? I threatened him to say his next words carefully.


I mean to say, where did that lovable, innocent girl I used to know? Why did you become like this? If I knew that you would be like this the moment weve got together I shouldnt have—


Zhander stopped when he noticed the tears in my eyes, and his face softened.


Estela . . . ,” he said when my tears fell.


I didnt mean it. Im . . . Im just tired.” He sighed. Please understand, I dont want to make love to you because I want to cherish you. Youre too young and––!


I didnt let him finish his words as I sprinted away.


He didnt want this me?


He wanted the fake, pure, innocent girl he knew in the past.


Not the real perverted me.






Next thing I knew –– I was flying in the air. My vision blurred until everything went pitch black.

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