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Chapter 25: Movie


I know what you are.”


Say it. Out loud. Say it.”




Are you afraid?





Im so bored.


I didnt know why Zhander wanted to watch this movie.


Doesnt he know Im not into romance movies?


I preferred watching porn instead, together with him.


I glanced over at the man beside me. I didnt know if he was watching or just sleeping with his unmoving body with only the movie light shone on his handsome face.

Then a naughty thought flashed in my mind.


I cleared my throat and licked my lips as I took a peek around us. We were in a couples bed, a popular attraction nowadays inside a cinema, together with your lover on a bed while watching a movie. There was a whole two meters space around us before the next bed, and everyone was engrossed in the movie.


Dont know why.


I glanced over one last time, and when the coast was clear, I shifted my body to the side and hugged his physique, which the man didnt react –– at all.


He just stared at the widescreen with one arm on the back of his head and the other resting on his flat stomach. His head was on the piles of pillows while mine snuggled on his shoulder. Our bodies warmed under the thick comforter, covering until his stomach while the blanket covered me until my breasts.


My naughty hands inched its way towards him. At first, on his stomach, then to his abdomen –– being careful not to alert him.


I paused when his body stiffened. He then glanced over at me while I pretended to be engrossed in the movie. When I could no longer feel his eyes on me, my fingers inched again, closer to my dreams. My obsession. My desire.


I paused again when he stiffened and glanced at me.


I was so close.


I could already feel his cold metal belt.


He sighed.


He noticed!


But much to my glee and excitement –– he didnt stop me. But he also didnt urge me to continue. I sensed him watching me like he was curious to know what I was about to do next.


I giggled and dropped all modesty.


Since Im already busted –– might as well assault him in the open.


I unbuckled his belt.


I could already feel the huge bump when I pulled his zipper down.


Estela . . .”


His voice was low and strained with a hint of warning and pain. He grabbed my hand, which was resting inches from his groin, ready to attack it at any moment.


He squeezed my hand but didnt retract it. He continued to hold my fingers there, atop his pelvis.


Did you forgot about our agreement?


I raised my head and met his gaze. His face was flushed, and droplets of sweat formed on his nose and forehead even though the temperature was cold inside this darkness.


I smiled at him.


Yes. But this is not sex, Zhander. This is just touching you,” I whispered, and his jaw tightened –– regret in his lovely violet eyes.


He probably regretted bringing me here.


Yes, it was a mistake for him to bring me to a dark room where there was a bed in it.


He was practically asking me to rape him!


Did he think I wouldnt do anything to him in public areas?




Oh, Zhander, I love how naive you are~.

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