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Chapter 24: Date






I hugged myself to keep me warm, but still, the freezing approaching winter air penetrated even my thick coat, deeper into my bones.




Crappy p***!


I shifted my eyes left and right, hoping to spot Zhander in the sea of crowds in Manhattans famous shopping district.


We promised to meet up here for our usual once a week date.


I grabbed my phone and dialed his number.


Zhander, where are you?


Sorry, little Stella . . . *huff . . . give me ten minutes.”


Why are you panting?


Its traffic . . . *huff . . . so Im running . . . *huff . . . towards you right now.”


Oh. Okay.”


I ended the call and waited for him as an obedient girlfriend would do.

I tried not to glance at the couples who were kissing and hugging in the fountain area. I was not jealous or anything. But these past few months since we made that truce on the beach, I havent had the chance to attack Zhander at all!


Of course, we kissed, but he would always end it before it could even get deeper.


*sigh . . .



No worries.


He cant evade me for long.


I snickered.


My birthday will be on the twenty-fourth of December, and it wouldnt be long now that I could finally claim what I desired for years.






Zhander was running in my direction, and everything turned slow.


He stopped in front of me and ran his fingers through his hair. His cheeks were flushed, and I saw the steamy sweat on his face. The delicious line of his toned chest exposed beneath his charcoal-colored long sleeve shirt underneath a V-neck sleeveless sweater.


He was so damn sexy!


Estela Im so––!




I cried and shot myself in his embrace, ready to attack his lips. He caught me as I placed my arms around his neck, forcing him to bend his body towards me.


But even before I could press my lips to his –– he shifted his face, and my lips fell on his cheek instead.


He was getting quicker in avoiding my lips recently.


I pouted and frowned at him. I pursed my lips, demanding for him to kiss me because even tiptoed, I couldnt reach him.


Zhander just stared at me, laughter and amusement in his eyes when I was trying hard to reach his lips. He cupped my face and kissed my forehead before he quickly let me go and grabbed my hand.


As I thought, he was avoiding kissing me.


I didnt budge when he pulled my hand for us to come inside the shopping mall.


You better kiss me properly, or I promise you, Ill make a scene here, right this instant,” I threatened, looking all menacing at him.


He sighed and smiled weakly at me. He didnt argue as he did in the past. He was probably too tired. I could see that he was about to fall into sleep at any moment.


He must have been up all night finishing some things.


He cupped my face and bent his body to kiss me on my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck, not minding the people who stared at us with envious gazes.


Once his lips were on mine, I entered my tongue, demanding entry, which he obliged and welcomed.


Ah . . . I miss him . . .


I miss his taste.


Nghh . . .”


I moaned when I sucked and bit his tongue, asking for him to plunge his tongue deeper –– but he didnt.


He released me with his usual flushed face and embarrassed eyes.


Lets go. Well be late for the movie.”


He took advantage of my still daze self and pulled me inside.


I didnt argue and didnt make it hard for him when I saw his ears reddened.


I giggled and hugged his arm.

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