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Chapter 23: Punishment


My brother?I asked as I searched for any signs of my brothers presence.


My eyes then teared up at the sight of him carrying the limp, battered body of Leanna in his arms –– embracing her close to him.


Ready the chopper.”


No one uttered a word as everyone knew not to aggravate my brother in his current state.

A Week Later



In an unknown island at an underground facility ten meters deep.




I groaned and gritted my teeth, stopping myself from screaming as I endured the burning pain from my back, hammered by whips.


I knew my skin was torn, and I knew it would leave a scar.


I didnt care.


This punishment was light compared to what the others have suffered.


This is light.


I deserved this.


My arms were numb, tied by chains screwed on the ceiling with nothing but my underwear on as the burning pain of lashes assaulted my back without stopping.


I deserved this.


Just imagining what would happen if Leanna did get killed––!




I clenched my teeth and hardened my jaw, readying myself for another whipping.


The door opened, and my eyes squinted, quickly adjusting to the light.


Release her.”


Tears welled in my eyes upon my brothers indifferent voice.


Young master, her fifty whips are not––!


I said. Release. Her.”


“. . . Yes.”


Before I knew it, I was freed from the chuckles and fell on the cold floor –– sobbing as I lowered my head.


I hated it if I was weak before my brother.


I sensed his intense eyes looking down at me before he turned to leave.




I was surprised at my sudden outburst, and crawled to him, embracing his leg before I could even think.


Brother, Im sorry! If something happened to Leanna I . . . I . . .”


My brother just stared at me for some time before something warm and comfortable fell on my shoulders. It was his jacket.


If Leanna died . . . Ill follow her.”


My brother pinched my chin as he forced me to meet his frosty eyes.


There will be no next time, Estela.”


And then he was gone.


I knew what he meant. He couldnt always rescue me from our grandparents wrath. By interfering with my punishment now, Im sure our grandparents would take this opportunity to force him into something as compensation.


I clenched my hands and bit my lip.



Hello, Zhander? Can we postpone our date until next time? I said while I tried not to wince from the pain of my aching, burning back.


Three already finished cleaning and bandaging my back. I knew even with the ointment, it would still leave some scars. After all, my skin was not young anymore.


It was a good thing we have pale skins. The scars wouldnt be noticeable at least if you didnt stare intently at it.


You know, just encase Zhander rips my dress.


Whats the matter? Are you alright?


I heard the worry in his voice. He was probably wondering why I wanted to postpone our date when it was me who always pestered him about it.


Uhm . . . Im having back problems at the moment and . . .”


What? Whats wrong with your back? Did you already have it check? What did you do to hurt your––!


Zhander.” I cut in as I chuckled. I imagined him pacing around, panicking in his office.


Im alright. Dont worry. Its just . . . I did some extreme exercise. The doctor said it will heal a week from now.”


I didnt lie.


I just didnt tell him the whole truth.


“. . .”


Are you sure? We can go to the doctor again––


Im sure. Dont worry too much. I assure you. Im fine.”


Thanks to my brother, who rescued me on time. At least, I wont be bedridden for days.


Of course, I worry. Youre my girl, Estela . . .”


. . .


. . .




Zhander, you know, my doctor said nude photos of someone I love would heal my aching back quickly.”


Tut . . . Tut . . .


Zhander? Hello?


Did he . . .


. . . hang up on me?

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