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Chapter 22: The Assassins

Let me not be too late!

Let me not be too late!

I silently chanted while driving like a mad woman on a motorcycle I stole.

A while ago, we were just enjoying buying souvenirs, then suddenly, Leanna got kidnapped right under my nose without me even knowing.

My brother entrusted her explicitly to me, and I failed him.

If something happened to her – I could never forgive myself.

I held myself from crying.

This is not the time for it.

I glanced at my watch. I was getting nearer.

I left the motorcycle on the side of the forest and ran deeper inside.

I was following the tracker when it suddenly disappeared. 

Crappy P***!

Something must have happened at the locket.

Bang! Bang!


Without thinking, I sprinted towards that sound while ignoring the men lying unconscious along the way.

In the end, I saw Four injured with a gunshot on her shoulder and leg. She was limping, trying to avoid the bullets coming from the lean muscled man.


I grabbed my daggers strapped hidden on my thighs and flung it on the man before he could pull the trigger that would end Four’s life.

Saber sensed my presence and quickly avoided the daggers before it could even graze him.

As expected of an S class hitman.

Four quickly taken the opportunity to hid against the protection of trees while I slung forward at the man, slashing him with two daggers in hand.

Saber desperately tried to avoid my sharp blades. However, I still managed to slice of some of his flesh.

I didn’t stop attacking, not allowing the man to retaliate with his gun. He tried to point, but I was quicker and kicked his weapon from his hand and twirled my body with my knives in hand to land him the finishing blow.

However, this man had luck on his side.

He tripped against one of the protruding roots, and my knife just missed his throat.

“Don’t kill him!”

I momentarily lost my focus when Four shouted, and that was all the man needed.

He kicked my feet, causing me to fell on the ground as he flipped himself up and pulled out another gun from his vest and aimed it at me.

“Young miss!” Four shouted in a panic.



The gun flew from Saber’s hand as he recoiled, grunting in pain as he held his wrist that seemed to have been broken.

And before I could even render him unconscious, someone had already beaten me to it.

Cedrick magically appeared behind Saber’s back and gripped the man’s arm before he hit Saber’s nape which the hitman instantly fell to the ground – unconscious.

One….” Four managed to say and limped towards us despite her injuries.

“I’m sorry–!”


Before Four could even finish her sentence, a resounding slapped echoed, and she fell hard on the ground.


Cedrick looked at her in full contempt with narrowed pupils – gone was the kind, well-mannered secretary facade.

“This is not the time to render punishment. Where’s Leanna?” I got up and roamed my gaze.

“She escaped.”

Despite everything else, Four still forced out the words from her bleeding mouth, her face expressionless without a hint of anger nor contempt, only shame and guilt.

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