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Chapter 21: School Trip

[I miss you

and I want to be with you]

[Zhander. Are you busy?]

[Hello \(°o°)/]


I said I miss you

and I miss your tongue

inside me 💋]

No reply.


I licked my lips and straightened my back on the bus chair and then glanced left and right, making sure that no one was looking at me.

Leanna was busy eating her snacks with Zoe. They were both lost talking about the scenery outside of the window bus.

We were currently on Izu island riding our school bus on our way to Artem University’s hotel.

I sneakily unbuttoned the first few buttons of my shirt, exposing my bra and cleavage, then took a picture and sent it to Zhander after I buttoned up my shirt again, pretending that nothing happened.

[What the hell, Estela!!

Where are you?!]


Finally, a reaction from him.

[Riding our school bus

on the way to our lodging 😘]

[You better not do that again

young lady.

You’re in a public place]


I hate it if he goes on ‘brotherly’ with me.

[Then you should have

replied to my messages 😤]

[I’m in a meeting right now]

[Oh. Sorry.

You should have said so]

I turned off my phone and focused all my attention on the scenery outside.


This is boring.

I turned on my phone once more and messaged Zhander.

Feeling not guilty at all for disturbing him.

[Can I have a picture of you

to ogle at while I’m riding the bus

so I won’t get bored (o^v^)/]

Not long after, he sent me a picture of him, smiling, looking all handsome.

I knew it was just one of his stocked photos in his phone.

[No, I’m actually thinking

about your picture

Naked 😍]

[What! No!]

[Half naked then]


[Okay, last offer.

Your p***]

[The hell Estela!!




[Just your naked chest then]


[You’re not going to let this go,

aren’t you?]

[Nope 😘]

[So you better give me that

naked chest, NOW! 😈]

[…. Alright.

Wait a moment]

I giggled and not before long, his handsome face with his sexy unbuttoned shirt, exposing his collarbone, and toned chest flashed my eyes.

My saliva instantly built up. I could feel that familiar heat between my thighs.


[On second thought.

I want you naked!


*message sending failed

Crappy P***!!

I bumped my phone on the armrest, hoping the message would send.

“Aren’t you worried about your cousin in law?” Leanna asked when everyone started to gossip about Emery Jansen being stranded on the other side of the island.

Yet, I continued to bump my phone, not looking at her.

“No need to worry about her. She can take care of herself.” I dismissingly replied while tapping my phone against the armrest again and again.

Crappy P***!!

My naked pictures!!

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