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Chapter 20: Truce

I embraced his nape and used it as an anchor to raise myself up to claim what was rightfully mine.


Zhander didn’t expect the sudden attack and was surprised. I’d taken his momentary shock to attack him.

I stuck out my small tongue and barged my way into his mouth without any resistance.

Ah… Taste like chunkalicious, combination of fudge brownies and chocolate.

Was this what he ate for dessert or was this his natural taste?

Whatever! I can’t get enough of it!

“S-stela…. mmm…. s-stop… nghh….”

Zhander murmured, yet his pleading voice only edged me more.

I felt him grew weak every second that I violated his mouth…



Okay…, I didn’t know what I was doing exactly, and just kind of wiggled my tongue inside his mouth, terrorizing his tongue.


Zhander finally managed to broke free.


I confronted when, again, I saw his pained face.

Why is he always giving me that face?

“Estela, I already told you. This kind of kiss is forbidden until you graduate college.”

“Then let’s break up! I’ll find another man that will love me the way I wanted to be love!”

Oh, crappy p*** did you seriously just said that?! You idiot!!

I may be small, but my temper sure was enormous.

I knew that now.

When it came to Zhander, I just lost it all as my mouth continued to blubber, ignoring my brain’s warning.

Hmp! Who do you think you are?! Don’t think that just because I love you, I’ll just do whatever you want me to– umrp!!”

Zhander forcefully shut me up with his lips.

This time, the kiss was not light as a father – it was as I imagined it to be……


More savage…

“Nghhh….” I groaned when he bit and sucked my lips until it gone numb.

My brain finally went quiet when Zhander plunged his hot slimy tongue into my mouth. I greedily welcomed the intrusion, and our tongue danced away under the fiery wet haven. He crushed me under his weight as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss that I forgot to breathe from his intensity.

Or was it his tongue that was plugging my throat?

I felt my tongue pricked from being sucked so hard and had to pull it back as I attempted to shift my head for air.

However, Zhander didn’t let me.

He cupped my face between his hands as his elbows supported his weight, not leaving my mouth even for a second.

He pressed harder that not even the light and air could pass through between us.

I was losing consciousness now.

I choked when Zhander plunged his tongue deeper, forcing me to swallow a mouthful of saliva.

His kind gentlemanly facade vanished. Instead, was replaced by a hungry panther starved for years.

“Mmmnnhh…… arghhh….”

Groans and moans escaped my lips when I tried to signal him for time out.

I gasped and roughly opened my eyes when he savagely shoved his bulging length between my thighs. Forcing me to feel every bit of his desire, his lust, and all of his power.

He could have taken me then and there if not for our clothes that got in the way.

He only let me go when my consciousness was on the verge of visiting heaven.



“Don’t test my patience, Estela.”

Zhander hissed, looking down at me with cold, ruthless eyes.

Sometimes, I wonder if he had this double personality.

Now I knew why he was always in pain.

Turns out, he was bottling all his desires for me!

“Zhander…. *pant…. we’ve already violated… *pant… our agreement… *pant.”

I smiled seductively at him and caressed his lips.

“Why don’t we go all the way while we’re at it?”

Zhander tightly closed his eyes as he sniffed my hand, then he opened his eyes and looked at me lovingly.

He was back to his usual kind, gentlemanly self.

“Little Stela… You’re right. I can’t just push what I want in our relationship, I also have to respect what you want…… Therefore, let’s compromise, for both your temper and my sanity’s sake.”

He reached out to tuck my hair behind my ears, then he rested his hand on the side of my cheek.

“Eighteen… Let’s wait until you are of legal age.”

Zhander’s eyes turned a shade darker as his voice turned a bit huskier that I couldn’t help but rubbed my thighs together to ease the aching of my core.

Just months from now… I can wait…



I nodded.

Zhander smiled and ruffled my hair before he scooped me as he stood up and began to walk back towards our hotel, carrying me like a child in his arms.

“Zhander, we can have torrid kisses, right? But no sex until I’m eighteen?” I clarified.

You know…. just to be sure.

Zhander’s cheeks instantly grew warm as he shifted his gaze away from me.

He stumbled and almost lost his bearing.


I love this shy and clumsy you.



“Y-you don’t have to say it out loud.”

“So it is then?!”



It took a moment before he finally, hesitantly, nodded like he was not sure of it himself.


As long as we could kiss like that, there were plenty of ways to lose yourself.

I wickedly smiled.

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