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Chapter 2: Flirty


Zhander, what do I owe you this visit?


I grabbed a cream puff and licked my lips while locking eyes with his. Zhander wasnt affected the least (like always), he just shrugged his shoulders.


I want to invest in your oil and mining business.”


I restrained a frowned.


Nothing sure escapes you, Zhander~,” I chimed, not averting my gaze from his.


Little Stela, I want to help you.”

Zhanders face turned serious as he placed his hand on the headrest of the sofa. He then turned his body towards me while he crossed his legs and put his other hand on his knee.


Why do you want to help? I thought you hate my brother? I knew Zhander was interested in Leanna. That was why he was so angry, or should I say, he couldnt accept that my brother beat him to Leannas heart.


My personal enmity is with Cain and him alone. Our families are still friends.”


Tell me honestly. If Im not a Fay, will you still help?


Zhander look stunned for a moment. He didnt hide the confusion on his face. He wanted to say something, but his lips remained shut, couldnt find the right words.


I love it when I corner him like this.


I . . . Well . . .” Zhanders tone grew deep and gruff like something was holding him back from answering.


Come on, Zhander! You can do it!


. . .


. . .


Of course, I will! he said after a long pause and added, The Fays and the Jansens are longtime friends.”


He then forced a laugh.


Jerk face!


I resisted rolling my eyes.


I mirrored his position. I placed my elbow, the hand holding the cream puff, on the headrest of the sofa as I turned my body towards him. I crossed my legs and placed my other hand on top of my knee.


I made sure my bodycon dress exposed half of my thighs and cleavage. My breasts might not be as big as Leannas, but it wasnt small like Zoe either. It was a little bigger for my petite frame, maybe because I was chubby when I was a kid.


In slow motion, I ate the cream puff and accidentally dropped the filling on top of the slope of my breast.


I smirked when I heard Zhanders low gasped.


He pulled his handkerchief, grabbed my hand, and shoved that piece of fabric against my palm. He then gently guided my hand and wiped the cream on top of my cleavage.


Little Stela, be careful, your dress will get stained.”


Zhanders worried voice was like a slap on my face.


Do I need to be naked to get a reaction from him?


Right.” I shook his hand away from mine and wiped off the remaining cream myself.


Sorry~ Ill get this clean-up for you.” I pursed my lips and looked all coquettishly at him as I waved his hanky.


Zhander patted my head and flashed me a warm smile. Dont worry about it. I wont get angry at you for this simple matter. You dont have to act all cute.”


Its not cute! Its supposed to be seductive!


I sighed and turned my body forward, releasing my hold on his gaze.


If you want to invest, Ill have the papers ready for you to sign,” I said in surrender.


Zhander got up and fixed his clothes. Alright. I wont hold your time anymore.”


He patted me on the head like an older brother would and grinned before he went for the door.




He stopped halfway out of the office and looked at me.


Thank you,” I said after a brief silence.


Zhander smiled. His usual loving smile, reserved just for me.


Anytime, little Stela.”

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