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Chapter 18: So Cute!




I ignored Leannas murderous glares, staring at my brother, who was dancing with Sophia. I rubbed my hands together, waiting for the good show –– and the ripping happened.


Holy mother of baldy freakin shit!


Zhander covered my eyes with his hand.








Holy hideous freakin shit!






Even without seeing it, I knew from the commotion that it was purely . . .


. . . chaosly shameful.

Lets go.”


Zhander uncovered my naughty eyes, and it flew to the bald naked mother and daughter.


I was about to let myself loose in the euphoria of the obscenity before me and took my camera out, but Zhander was already meters away from me, walking back to our hotel.


Oh! Jerk face!


I stomped hard against the sand, which just pillowed my feet before quickly running after him.


I didnt know if it was because I didnt get the chance to take a picture or maybe because of all the silent treatment he was giving me, my temper burst yet again and exactly when we reached our hotel. We were at the entrance when my boiling magma temper erupted.


I dont want to go back!


Of course . . . I couldnt exactly throw degrading and curse words at him.


I still love him, after all.


Thus, my temper contented itself to act all childish and spoiled.


Zhander gazed at me with an expressionless face. He then closed his eyes and turned his back at me.


Suit yourself,” he said and strode off inside the hotel.






I stomped my feet again and again while clenching both my hands into fists. Unsatisfied, I kicked the sand, which was only blown by the wind back at me.


Crappy P***!


I wiped away the sand on my face, and without a word, my eyes felt hot and salty.


Z-Zhander . . . *sniff . . . *sob . . .


Like a lost, abandoned bunny, I stormed off in the opposite direction towards the sea to drown my sorrows away.


But a sturdy pair of hands wrapped around my waist.


Damn it, Estela! Where do you think youre going in the middle of the night?


Zhanders soft voice only made my sniffling worse.


“. . . *sniff . . . because . . . *sniff . . .  youre m-mad at me . . .  *sob . . . Ill drown myself . . . ,” I said between sobbing.


Zhander coughed a laugh.


*sigh . . . I can never be mad at you for long, you know,” he whispered in a defeated tone.


Then, why wont you talk to me?! I said as my tears and sobbing stopped.


I swear it was never crocodile tears just to get his attention.


. . .


. . .


. . . honest!


Zhander sighed again. His grip loosened, and I unshackled myself free from his embrace and faced him.


Its . . . ,” he started, a little hesitant. Im . . . Im mad and ashamed of myself.”


What? I tilted my head, not understanding what he said.


Zhander shifted his head, avoiding my questioning gaze as he, again, covered his mouth with his knuckles. His bodys reaction when he was embarrassed.


I wonder if he notices it.


Its just . . . You saw me being punched . . .”


Zhander mumbled in a low voice as his cheeks glowed red.


My eyes twinkled while my lips twitched.


Soooooo cute!

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