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Chapter 17: Banquet


Z-Zhander . . . I want crabs,” I said as meek as I can.


We were currently eating dinner at the fantasy-like setting by the beach at Sophias debut.


After that incident a while ago, we returned to our hotel without so much as a squeak. I already said sorry to him, but the man still refused to talk to me as he continued to give me the silent treatment.


Zhander didnt say anything as he cracked the grab and expertly separated the meat and served it on my plate without a word, face all serious.


Uhmm . . . O-oyster.”


Again, Zhander just reached out and separated the oyster from its shell before serving it on my plate while avoiding any eye contact –– in complete silence.


Damn it! I already said I was sorry. Do I have to beg for his forgiveness?

I wanted to strike a conversation with him but too afraid of all this awkward silence he was giving me.


My plans for starting a conversation with him were momentarily halted when it was disturbed by the announcement that Zoe would give a wish to Sophia.


At least tell me youre going to say some kind of a decent speech,” Leanna said, amused.


Zoe just grinned and drank a bottle of beer in one gulp before wiping her mouth with the back of her palm.


I have, alright. Ten years worth of speech.”


Zoe stood and went to the center of the spacious stoned floor.


I smirked and clasped my hands, waiting for a good show.


Ahem . . . I dont have a long speech prepared, so Im just going to wish you, Sophia.” Zoe turned and extended her hand to acknowledged Sophia while the debutante smiled, looking all loving at the former.


Zoe grinned, and my eyes sparkled.


I wish you good health. It must be exhausting even for you to always have to make people believe that you are something that youre not. But in truth, you aint nothing but a hoe. You think youre cute. You think youre classy. News flash girl. Youre freackin nasty!




I giggled and wanted to laugh out loud, but Zhander gave me a warning glance, which made my lips shut tight.


After the awkward, brutal silence, across the vast stone floor, in front of us, a pretty young man laughed out loud. And not long after, the whole crowd followed, dismissing Zoes remark as a joke.


I frowned and held my chin on my hand.


Great! Way to go ruining the mood!


Then a giggle burst from my mouth at Leannas remark of Zoe being a pedophile as I glanced at the innocent-looking young man, who ruined the beautiful awkward silence. But it turned out, he was already staring at our table –– explicitly, staring at the pink-haired girl, who was like a Goddess if I may add.


Wow! Elliot Volknov! Way to go, Zoe!


I wanted to tease Zoe, but Zhanders matter was of the utmost importance.


I resumed thinking of ways for Zhander to forgive me, blocking out all the happenings around us, including the soothing beating drums and those dancing group of men and women, signaling for the cotillion to start.


Maybe you should faint to get his attention, or pretend your stomach hurts . . . For all you know, he might even rub your belly. And dont forget to steal a couple of groping here and there while youre at it! I want the butt this time!


. . .


. . .


I sighed.


The problem with my brain it was only functioning to anything perverted.


Brain, in case you havent notice, Im trying to apologize to Zhander. Not make him more infuriated with me.


I continued arguing with myself when my brain responded at the mention of my brothers name.


As an honor for gracing us with your presence, may we request Mr. Cain Fay to give the last dance,” Emma Collin said, looking at our table.


Oh~ this mother and daughter pair sure is asking for it.


I glanced over at Zoe, asking for her permission, which the latter gave out a nod. I then leaned closer to my brother.


Go and step on her dress,” I whispered.


I felt the dark, oppressive energy of my brother growing more intense by the second, yet he didnt refute as he stood to his feet and walked towards the dance floor in silence.


I smirked and was about to ready my camera.


However . . . Zhander was right beside me. I didnt want him to think any less of me . . .


. . .


. . .


. . . You know, for appearance sake.

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