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Chapter 16: Sweet Time


My hands turned cold as droplets of sweat broke out from my skin.


The four men were far way bigger and older than Zhander.


I knew Zhander could protect himself, but I never actually saw him fight before.


Zhander released my hand as he relaxed his tense muscles, readying himself for a fight while making sure his body shielded mine from any harm.


Like crappy p*** that Ill let these men hurt him!


Dont interfere!


But Zhanders angry voice stopped me from unleashing any war against them.


I almost slumped on the sand when he glanced at me. His eyes were scary as his face while his whole person gave off a hostile air.


I couldnt stand to look at him being angry at me like that.


I lowered my head and bit my lip while my body heeded his command, afraid to make him angry at me more than he already was.


I was like an obedient little bunny on the side, cowering before a black wolf.


The four men laughed, and one by one, they made their assault.


My pupils constricted and focused on Zhander while I was readying myself to flung to his aide the moment these ugly men land even a single graze on him –– damn his feelings!


No one hurts my man!

But Zhander was much quicker than the four combined. He seemed to have an extra pair of eyes, which allows him to see all corners of his surroundings as he smoothly evaded blows after blows while skillfully landing critical punches that rendered his opponent unconscious.


I was struck dumbfounded at the awesomeness displayed in front of me that my mind wonder in wonderland.


In a matter of seconds, four men laid motionless on the ground.


Hes sooooo cooool.


I was mesmerized at the approaching male God that I didnt notice that extra man, who grabbed my shoulder a while ago, who I thought was still unconscious after Zhander practically trashed him away from me.


Zhander, behind you!


Too late.


Zhander turned and was greeted by a fist connected to his right cheek.


My body shot like a catapult, twirling in mid-air as I gained momentum and landed a kick to the stinking mans disgusting face, determined to break his skull. With a slight tap of my feet against the ground, my body spun once more for the second kick.


However, all my limb touched was air as the man already slumped on the ground –– unconscious.


Unsatisfied with the outcome, I was about to straddle him and break every bone of his repulsive face when Zhanders pained voice stopped me.




My eyes and body flew towards him without knowing it.


I paused a meter in front of him when I noticed his face was full of complicated emotions as his eyes didnt meet mine, looking dejected on the ground while the back of his knuckles covered his mouth. His cheeks were red. I didnt know if it was from anger. Besides that, I saw pain and . . .


. . . shame?


The pain on his expression didnt seem to come from his bruise.


Thats right! Hes injured!


Zhander, y-your lips!


Zhander just wiped the blood from his busted lower lip.


My body heated with rage. I glanced at the unconscious drunk man lying on the ground, ready to rip his soul apart. I was about to pull out the needles hidden in my swimsuit when Zhander turned, back facing me.


Lets go.”


Was all he said before he walked away.


Z-Zhander, w-wait!


I went after him when he didnt pause as he continued to walk away.


Hes very angry . . .


Why do I feel that he is not only angry at me but also ashamed to look at me?


Did I do something wrong again?


Since Zhanders legs were long, I had trouble catching up with him and had to jog in order not to lose him in the crowds.


Zhander, Im sorry! I blurted when he continued to take long strides away from me.


He still didnt stop, but I noticed his long strides have somehow shortened as he walked slowly. I took the opportunity to catch up to him, and without a word, pulled all my courage and grabbed his hand.


Zhander was taken aback as he paused, but he quickly resumed walking.


My tears fell (true tears by the way) when Zhander, despite his anger, didnt shake his hand from mine. He even slowed his pace to match mine.


Like that, a tall, handsome man, holding a sobbing short girl, slowly took their sweet time walking on the beach.

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