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Chapter 15: Angry


When my rage decapitated, I found myself in a bar with a tequila in hand surrounded by drunk men who I didnt know.


I blinked and recalled what happened.


I was walking in anger when these group of men barged my way and invited me to have a drink with them. I must have been walking until on the other side of the island because these men didnt have recognition in their eyes when they look at me.


In my burning desire to get revenge at Zhander, I agreed.


However, now that my brain could think again, I felt so stupid to lose myself like that.


I was not easy to provoke . . . it was just . . . that bitch knew where to attack me.


Oh, no! Zhander!

I was so childish to be mad at him.


I have to go back and say sorry.


Sweet girl, where are you going? The fun has just started.”


My pupils constricted, and I gave out an air of killing intent when one of the men, ricking of alcohol, placed his hand on my shoulder.


Ah . . . why did I came with these disgusting men again?


Sorry~ I remembered an urgent matter I needed to do.”


Lame excuse, I know.


Come on! Its Hawaii! Theres nothing urgent in here!


Thats right! You should relax and drink with us!


The men cheered, edging the stinky man, who grabbed my shoulder, on.


Come with me, sweetie. Ill make sure youll forget your urgent matter.” The disgusting man licked his lips and leaned into my neck.


I was ready to unleash hell if this revolting man would move even an inch closer to me. However, before my fist could land on his sickening face, he was yanked by the collar and flew away from me.




I blinked, and the scary face of Zhander stumbled my view, looking down at me.




Zhander grabbed my hand and pulled me from the bar. I winced from the pain of his tight hold on my wrist. Even when his back was facing me, I sensed the murderous intent oozing from him.


Hes angry!


Z-Zhander . . . I . . . t-this . . .”


I tried to explain, but the words wouldnt come out. No matter how you saw it, I was the one at fault here. I already have a boyfriend, yet I still went out drinking with other men. And worse, my boyfriend was just meters away!


It felt like I was cheating right in front of him. I could only imagine what Zhander might feel about it. If it was me, I might have gone berserk and slap him left and right senseless.


It wasnt my intention! I was planning to leave before he could even find out.


We were now at the beach outside the resto-bar and found ourselves circled by four ragged tipsy men. Zhanders grip tightened on my wrist as he shielded me when those drunk men blocked our way.


Even though Zhander was angry at me, he still protected me from harm that made me want to cry in guilt.


 Dude! Youre asking for trouble!


Hand over the girl! We saw her first!


Dont think because you have a pretty face, you can do whatever you want!


Well smash your face to pieces. Lets see if you can still be so arrogant then.”


Zhander remained quiet.


I couldnt see his face, but I knew his expression was cold as he exerted his supremacy at the four ugly men in front of us.

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