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Chapter 14: Substitute

Zhander maintained his composure even when his whole body was screaming to get out from the clinic to be with Estela’s side.

He absentmindedly stared at the doctor who was patching Saoirse up.

He cleared his throat to hide the smirk on his lips at the sight of Saoirse’s sorry face. Busted lips, broken nose, swelling cheeks and a panda-like eye.

My Little apple sure knows how to punch.

Well, it was a given that the Fay’s knew how to fight since it was not a secret to him that Hynes Fay came from a long line of powerful military decent. It was also known to him that Lily Fay’s ancestors were of mix blood that came from a long line of mercenaries and assassins in ancient times up to now.

He sighed in relief that he made it in time and stopped Estela to do any more damage.

“Mr. Jansen.”

The doctor turned towards him when she finished patching Saoirse up. “Miss Wilson didn’t suffer any serious injuries, just a broken nose and a couple of bruises that will recover in days’ time.”

He nodded, and the doctor went outside of the room to give them some privacy.

“Bill me all the necessary medical treatments you’ll need.”

Was all he said before he turned around to leave.

He grabbed the handle of the door but was stopped when a pair of hand wrapped its way around his waist.

He frowned and was about to shove the girl, but quickly dismissed the thought when he realized that she was injured at the moment.

“Zhander…. please… don’t go…” Saoirse managed to squeak out despite the numbing pain of her busted lips.

Zhander sighed and tried to unshackle himself from the girl’s embrace.

“Saoirse, I’ll apologize for what Estela has done. You can do whatever surgery you wish to restore your face. I’ll shoulder it all.”

Saoirse’s gripped on him only tightened that his brows furrowed even deeper.

“Zhander, you’re not really serious about her, are you? I watch how you treat her.”

“Enough Saoirse, let me go.”

No! Zhander, I don’t care if you’re dating her. I know you’re only doing it because she asked you to and you couldn’t say no because she’s like a little sister to you.”


“Zhander…  I can be the woman that Estela can’t be in your life.”


Saoirse smiled when Zhander remained motionless, not struggling anymore from her embrace.

“Zhander, what do you say? Since your conscience won’t allow you to do any sexual acts on Estela….. you can do it all on me.”

She didn’t care if she was going to be the second woman as long as Zhander gave her his attention.

That was all she ever wanted.

His attention.

No matter how small it was, as long as Zhander continued to be in her life.



“Saoirse…. do you want to know a secret?”

Saoirse loosened her grip on Zhander when she felt a chill in his dead voice.

Zhander took the opportunity, he turned around to face the woman and reached out to touch her busted lips.

Despite the pain, Saoirse gave him a seductive smile. He smiled back, yet his purple eyes were constricted, burning with malice as he caressed Saoirse’s busted lips.

“You know…… your lips are similar to Estela’s.”

With just that sentence, Saoirse’s world froze. Her eyes reddened when Zhander put more pressure on her busted lips that it went numb from the pain as he continued to look at her coldly.

So cold that it froze her shattering heart.

“All of you are just a substitute for Estela…. an outlet for my lust and desire for her.

Zhander smiled deviously. Gone was the gentlemanly and kind facade.

This was the first time that Saoirse felt fear towards the man she loves. It was like she didn’t know the man in front of her.

Her legs gave way causing her to fall, butt first on the cold hard floor, as all of her seemed to have left her and what remained was just an empty, broken shell of a body.

Zhander quietly left, not giving a second glance at the slumped girl on the ground.

His feet hurriedly went to find his little Stela.

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