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Chapter 13: Rage




Whats wrong?


Zhander stopped and pulled me closer to him.


I grabbed the opportunity and embraced his neck, pressing my breasts against his chest as I pretended to be hurt.


Zhander . . . my legs cramped.”



Zhander carried me like a bride towards the shore while my hands roamed all over his body, sneakily as possible to avoid him detecting my perverted deeds.


He then gently laid me on the sand, and I groaned when he escaped my fingers as he kneeled in front of my legs. And when he massaged my legs, sweet, torturous shock waves ran to every nerve of my body.


Little Stela, does it still hurt?


I stopped my mouth with the back of my palm when a giggle threatened to escape.


Y-yes . . . Zhander . . . above . . . my knee . . .”




Zhander heeded my command and placed his warm palm on my knees while squeezing my flesh.


Ughh . . . that feels good . . .


Zhander . . . above . . . mnn . . . my thighs . . . ungh . . .


I bit my lips and closed my eyes as I prepared myself for the heavenly massage that never came. Instead, a light tap on my forehead forced me to open my eyes, and I blinked.


Little Stela, it seems youre okay now.”


Zhander had a wry smile on his face as he stood to his feet.


Wait here. Ill get you a bottle of water,” he said and strode off.


W-wha––Zhander, dont go!


I extended my hand only to grab air.




I curled myself and hugged my knees as I pouted and sulked, waiting for him to come back.




I rolled my eyes.




Why the long face, Estela? Saoirse crossed her arms as she stared down at me.


I stood up and patted my butt as I smiled at her. Hello, Saoirse. I think thats none of your concern.”


What is this now? Zhander finally became your boyfriend.” She licked her lips and smirked. Arent you happy youve gotten your wish?


Jealous much~? I teased.


At you? Saoirse pointed her finger at me and laughed. Oh Estela, Zhander may be your boyfriend, but he sure doesnt treat you like one.”


Its because he loves me.”


Is it now? The way I see it, he treats you like a kid.”




No, he doesnt.” I kept my voice even, yet somehow, my anxiousness was apparent on my face.


The smile on Saoirses lips grew wider. Then, have you kissed?


None of your business shit face!


Of course, we have! On my forehead, at least.


Saoirse seemed to read my mind as her smile only grew taunting.


Did you have sex?


. . . Eh?


“. . .”


I could lie, but thats just pathetic.


When I didnt answer, Saoirse continued, “You know, when Zhander and I have gotten together . . . that very same day we made love all night.”


She put a finger on her lips and shot me a seductive smile. It was a wild night. We made love every day since then . . . I love it when Zhander kisses me and inserts his tou––argh!


I didnt know what happened next when rage took over my mind, and I shot towards Saoirse. She fell on her back while I straddled her, making sure her two hands were under my legs, rendering her immobile.


Slut! Prepare yourself as I dont do catfights! I roared and landed my first punch on her nose.




People watch in horror, including Saoirses friends. But they didnt stop me, afraid to implicate themselves as I punched Saoirses face, determined to break every bone on her lovely face while the girl screamed in pain.




Before I could even land another black eye on her, I found myself floating in Zhanders embrace.


Whats going on here?! Zhander released me and got between Saoirse and me.


Z-Zhander . . . ,” Saoirse managed to croak from her bloody mouth.


The hell Estela! What did you do to her?!


Zhander went to Saoirses side and helped her to her feet. When the girl stumbled, apparently, she was still seeing stars, Zhander carried her, and the bitch cried on his chest.


Z-Zhander . . . it hurts . . .” Tears after tears fell from Saoirses eyes as she pressed against Zhander.


Rage overcame me again at seeing my man carrying another girl in his arms.


You slut!


I rushed to grab the girl away from Zhander when his angry voice stunned me in place.


Enough, Estela!


She started it! She provoked me!


ENOUGH! Youre clearly in the wrong!


Every fiber of my being screamed as I couldnt believe Zhander took another girls side.


Hes supposed to be on my side!


Im supposed to be the woman he loves!


Why am I the one in the wrong?! Is it because shes crying and Im not? Is it because shes all bloody, and Im not?! I said, voice hissing. An intense, rebellious feeling rose in me.


Estela, please . . . just . . . stay right there. Ill get Saoirse some medical attention first,” Zhander said with a voice exhausted as his face, which only made my blood boil.


Why is he dismissing me like that?! Like hes tired of dealing with me. Hell instead take care of that slut than talk to me?!

Rage clouded my judgment as an intense burning hatred compelled me to take revenge.


Zhander, dont even think of taking a single step with that slut in your arms,” I warned.


Zhanders face darkened as he stared at me like he didnt know me.


Im disappointed in you.”


Was all he said before he turned his back on me and strode off with Saoirse in his arms, who still managed a smirked despite all her bruises.




My jaw clenched as I gnashed my teeth.


Determined to let Zhander feel what I feel –– I stormed off, kicking sand as I walked.

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