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Chapter 12: Status

“Zhander… We’re going to play volleyball. Why don’t you come and play with us?”

Saoirse was about to embrace Zhander’s neck. She was tall at five feet eight inches like a model, so she didn’t need to tiptoe.

Zhander smoothly escaped her clutches and grabbed my hand.

“I’m sorry. Not today. I’m on a date with Little Stela.” Zhander said expressionlessly in a monotonous voice with a hint of warning.

Saoirse looked at Zhander in disbelief, and then she snapped her pretty head at me while raising her eyebrow.

I smugly held my head high and crossed my arms to raised my breasts up, secretly.

“Zhander, I didn’t know you’re a babysitter now. Why don’t you bring Estela along too so you can keep an eye on her?” Saoirse smirked at me. “I’m sure she doesn’t mind.” Then she gave Zhander a sweet smile.

I heard some girls snickered behind Saoirse’s back while some wiped away the cold sweat on their forehead, looking all nervous, shifting their gazes like saying they were not part of this whole charade.

I pouted and was about to attack her when Zhander pulled me closer to him.

“I’m not babysitting anyone. Estela Fay is my girlfriend.”

I smirked when Saoirse’s jaw was about to fall on the ground. Shocked was written all over her face.

Then Zhander left the stunned people behind, pulling me away with him.

… girlfriend.



Couldn’t contain the happiness anymore, I hugged Zhander’s waist while I giggled nonstop.

Zhander was taken aback, but quickly recovered as he gently patted my head.

“Tehehehehe. I like the sound of girlfriend… Why don’t you say lover~ while you’re at it?”

Zhander softly patted my forehead and smiled.

“Don’t push your luck.”

Then he placed his arm around my shoulders and led me forward while I was still hugging his waist.

“Do you want to swim?”

I put my finger on my chin, trying to think. I imagined different scenarios playing out under the dangerous water where no one would know what naughty things you were doing under its depth.

I vigorously nodded my head.

“Zhander~… hold me tight okay~… I don’t know how to swim.”

I lied with a sing-song voice while embracing Zhander’s neck, gluing my body to his.

“Little Stela, why don’t I first teach you how to swim before we even go near the deeper parts?”

Zhander desperately tried to gently detach my screwed hands on his neck. His cheeks warm while his eyes were shifting left and right.

I pursed my lips and hesitantly let him have his way.

“Little Stela, you have to flap your feet some more,” Zhander said while laughing when he held my two hands and pulled me while I was flat on my stomach, floating in the ocean.

I pretended to flap my legs like a fish out of water.


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