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Chapter 11: Play


So . . . hows school, Little Stela?


Zhander tried to start a conversation to break the awkward silence as he covered me with sand while trying to be careful not to touch or even graze my body.


I rolled my eyes.


I never peg him to be those gentlemanly types.


Is it just me?


I wonder.

Ever since wed gotten together, he had been . . . well, awkward with me. Like he didnt know how to treat me as his girlfriend.


Oh~ you know . . . the usual. The professor gives out boring lectures while the students pretended to listen while the girls gossiped, and the boys were thinking hard how to get laid and stuffs like that. But anyway Zhander . . .”


I blinked many times at him, looking all cute and innocent. When are you going to start covering my breasts?


Zhanders face reddened once more.


I love his shy version and the way he covered his mouth and shifted his gaze away from me with his face looking like it had been wronged.


*sigh . . . I want to tie him up and have my way with him.


I . . . I . . . Lets not . . . it will be hard for you to breathe if we . . . cover it.”


I heard salty water sands preserve your skins elasticity and a natural exfoliant~,” I tilted my head and continued to tease him, so . . . make sure to cover every inch of my body~.”


W-well . . . T-thats . . .”




Whats wrong Zha––argh!


My eyes closed, protecting it from the sudden onslaught of sand.


Little Stella!


I forced my eyes to blink away the sand to see who my assailant was only to frown when I heard that annoying cutesy voice.


Whats she doing here?


Hello, Zhander,” Saoirse purred in her two-piece bondage swimsuit, showing her bountiful breasts and voluptuous curves.


Crappy p***! I should have worn those strings!


Saoirse smirked and stared down at me. Hello, Estela. Sorry, I didnt see you. Being small and all.”


Snickers resounded, must be from her bitchy friends.


Oh~ two can play this game.


Zhander . . . theres sand in my eyes,” I said.


I continued to lay there as I pretended to rub my eyes, acting all pitiful.


What?! Let me see.”


Zhander leaned in closer, ignoring Saoirses burning hatred glares as he gently blew hot air on my eyes.




Zhander . . . it hurts . . . the other too . . . ,” I whined with a voice that was about to cry as I bit my lip to stop the sobs.


I almost felt guilty at Zhanders pained face . . .


. . . almost.


Zhander completely ignored everyone as he scooped me in his embrace. I took a mouthful of his manly scent and sneakily rubbed my fingers on his bare chest while he was busy blowing away the imaginary sand in my eyes.


Tehehehehehe. I can do this aalll ~ day!


Does it still hurt?


Zhander coaxed, which only made my naughty fingers twirled around his chest while my other hand wrapped around his neck –– busy squeezing his shoulders.


I nodded, trying to look pitiful. Zhander . . . Maybe if you kiss it . . . the pain will go away.”


. . .


. . .


Alright. Enough jokes, little Stela. Come on up.”


Zhander pulled me up while I pouted.


I was completely serious!

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