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Chapter 10: Attack!

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The blue Hawaiian sky was sending warm rays of sunshine and summer breeze, enveloping everyones bare skin with warmth as they enjoyed the fun activities, only the crystal clear salty water and the shining, shimmering creamy golden sand could provide.




I wiped my drool as my camera flash nonstop at Zhander in his shorts, exposing his broad, tanned chest and delicate dark brown nipples that I wanted nothing but suck all day.


After we arrived in Hawaii and met up with Leanna and Zoe, we changed into our swimsuit and found ourselves ogling all morning at my brother and Zhanders godly physiques as they surfed the waves.

After the productive morning and lunch, Zhander and I secretly excused ourselves to be alone together as we left my brother to terrorize Leanna all day.


Alright, thats enough.” Zhander blocked my camera and grabbed my hand. What do you want to do next?


Sex on the beach!


How about I bury you in the sand? Naughty thoughts flooded my mind as I spoke.


I can do this *** and that *** to him!


My breathing turned ragged at the idea while my eyes sparkled in anticipation.


Sometimes, I was amazed at how my brain works.


Zhander patted my head and smiled. Alright.”


I noticed ever since we left New Haven, he was avoiding at gazing my body like there was something unsightly on it.


I wonder if he doesnt like my swimsuit.


I should have put those strings on, the one I brought to seduce Zhander, not this simple boring two-piece bikini Leanna insisted I wore.

I was about to excuse myself and change when Zhander extended his hand and gave me his shirt.


Put it on.”


Was all he said before he laid down on the soft golden sand.


What? Put it on?


That means . . .


He doesnt like what Im wearing?!


I restrained a frown and obediently put on his shirt before I sat beside him, and my disappointments vanished like smoke when my eyes ogled at his manliness.


He was just lying there.




Completely submissive.


His handsome face appeared relax as he stared at me with eyes so soft I thought they were melting.


His prominent collarbone and broad chest. His lean muscles and abs . . . hot sexy V-line down to his amazing bulge . . . I blushed as his tanned skin only made him more alluring and manly.


It was like, he was made just to please women.


I lost count of how many times I swallowed my drool.


The same goes for all those women and men alike, staring at the defenseless male God.


I think the whole beach got drowned by slobber when Zhanders face reddened as he brought his fingers in front of his lips while his eyes ran away from mine.


. . .


. . .




My body trembled as I chained all the perverted energy inside me that threatened to break free.


Zhander sat up before my fingers could even touch a single strand of his hair.


Maybe because he sensed danger?


Why dont I bury you instead, Little Stella?




Before I could even protest, he grabbed my arms and led me to lay down on my back. I was lost in the sensation of his hot palms against my bare skin, and I let him do whatever he wanted with me.

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