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Chapter 1: Seducing

“Leanna, I’ll be taking a leave from school today~.” I stamped hard against the papers in front of me and signed my name on it.

Leanna is my brother’s fiancée and my sister-in-law slash best friend.

I instantly like her the moment she cured my brother’s ‘condition’.

Leanna was like a breath of fresh air with her lazy-no-care attitude. It was a first for me to see a girl who didn’t care about her reputation, didn’t conform to the judgment nor acceptance of others. Even for me, a Fay, I still had to act the part in front of society.

Maybe that was why we were drawn to her.

Maybe it was her upbringing.

Very different from ours.

But I didn’t care.

She’s perfect for my brother.

“I don’t know~. Since my brother is not here at the moment, I’m taking over.”

I neatly organized the papers and handed it to Three, my secretary / personal guard.

“Don’t worry~. It’ll be over soon before you can even say s***.”

I ended the call and glanced at the mountain of papers at my side.


Those shitty Goldwood’s! Why did we ever associate ourselves with those kinds of people?!

“I swear~ when I have my revenge. I’ll have your sorry asses be plug by ***, and all your holes will bleed from ***. Tehehehe!”


“Young miss, please do mind your language when you’re in front of other people.”

I sweetly smiled at Three and resumed to stamp the mountain of papers in front of me.

Three shook her head before leaving my office.

I didn’t know when did I became so perverted.

I think having Cain Fay as a brother and a man like Zhander Jansen in my life was the cause.

Loving Zhander for who knows how long, but suppressing my desires for him, I think all those suppressed negative energies formed into something and became a part of me.

If that makes any sense.

There was a word for it.


I guess.


Zhander, just you wait~. When you finally realize your feelings for me… I’ll tie you up and tie your p*** then I will r*** and when it’s all over, let’s see if you can still stand. Tehehehehe!


“Young miss, Zhander Jansen request an audience with you.”

Oh~! Speaking of the devil!!

“Have him up.”

“Young miss, you have a meeting at eight.”

“Postpone it.”


“As you wish.”

I took off my blazer, exposing my white bodycon dress. I quickly grabbed my makeup kit and retouched myself.

Satisfied, I arranged my dress and hair.

I pushed my breasts up, crossed my legs and fingers and straightened my back, just in time for Zhander to knock and enter my office.

My eyes sparkled at the sight of the sexy, gorgeous man in front of me.

Zhander was wearing his usual three-piece suit, all in black. But the thing was – it was tieless, and a portion of his shirt was unbuttoned, exposing his collarbone and that alluring line of his toned chest.

I think he heard my raggedy breathing.

I didn’t care.

The more he realized my desire for him. The better.

I wiped my drool when he smiled at me.

“Little Stela, how are you? Did you have breakfast yet? I brought you this.”

Zhander sat on the sofa and placed a plastic bag on the table with my favorite cream puffs in it.

I slowly stood up, carefully, making sure every step I made – I breathed in and out to calm my violent desires for him.

I wanted to sit on his lap, but suppressed the urge and contented to sit beside him instead.

I purposely sat close to him, brushing our hands and legs in the process and acted like a demure lady, like nothing was wrong.

Zhander cleared his throat and slightly scooted over to put distance between us.


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