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Chapter 68: Bad Girl

I didn’t feel embarrass since we were all girls here, and I also have my fair shares of massages that exposed the butt.

Although, I was wearing a panty most of the time.

But now, I was completely naked with only a blanket to cover me.

I almost laughed at the ticklish sensation when the masseuse’s palm slightly trembled, caressing my round bottom.

Then without warning, started to squeezed and massaged those two soft round flesh.

At first, I felt uncomfortable that a stranger was touching my butt, but after a while, I found the squeezing and groping delightful and closed my eyes once again.



Isn’t she concentrating on my butt too much?

My eyes opened and this time, wanted to come out from the mask when the masseuse just unceremoniously spread my two bottom cheeks apart.




D-did she just… slapped my butt?

I was about to turn my body and remove the mask when a strong hand pressed my nape, not letting me move as I please.

I could feel a hot breath behind my ear. My body jolted and tensed in alarm when that big callus hand squeezed my bottom and then slowly forced its way towards the center of my thighs.

I was about to shout when a familiar husky voice paralyzed me in place.

“Leanna…. spread your legs….”


My body completely went limp from relief to found that it was the man who was molesting me.

Wait! What is he doing here?

Somewhere in me expected that he would come, but I sure completely didn’t expect that he would be my masseuse, that’s for sure.

I removed my mask and forcefully raised my head. Thankfully, he didn’t make it difficult for me as he removed his hand from my nape.

I sat and covered myself with the blanket and instantly notice that there was no one but us in here.

I glance at the now smirking man beside me. I held a smile when I saw his all-white masseuse uniform, long sleeved side button shirt and trousers.

He was refreshingly handsome as always.

“Wha-what…. what are you doing here?”

“That really doesn’t surprise you now, does it?”

“Honestly, I expected that you’d be here, but I never expected that you’d be here wearing…”

I raised my hand towards him and tilted my head, all smiles


Cain grinned and grabbed the mask.

“I’m your masseuse for now.”

My mouth hung open at the sexy approaching man, burning me with his passionate gaze.

“Now… let’s continue where we left off.” His voice turned hoarse, and my heart began to beat excitedly.

I bit my lips hard when he carefully put the mask back on, covering my eyes before he grabbed my shoulders, motioning for me to lay down on the bed which I followed without any hesitation.

My body tensed up when my back felt that soft, comfortable mattress. I didn’t notice that I was holding the blanket, covering my body tightly until Cain’s hand squeezed mine.


He whispered and kissed my forehead. My body immediately did as it was told as he gently grabbed the blanket from my hand and pulled it away from me.

Automatically, my hands flew covering my breasts and the area between my thighs. My body heat up, and not seeing anything only made it worse.

“Let me see, Leanna…”

I bit my lips when his voice turned sexy.

I unconsciously shook my head. I knew that he already saw my naked upper body, but he never did see my lower naked part, making me embarrassed to the bones.

“Bad girl…”

Cain bit my ear, and I completely melted. All my strength left me which the cold man immediately grabbed the opportunity.

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