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Chapter 67: Masseuse


A woman in a room cleaning uniform sauntered in the empty hallway. The students were busy eating dinner, and some were soaking in the hot spring right now, so not a soul was seen on that floor.


The cleaning woman shifted her head left and right before she shoved the master key to a unit. She then swiftly went inside, leaving her cleaning cart behind so no one would suspect why the door was open if ever the person in the room returned.


She sneaked in the closet and casually placed a million-dollar necklace in a suitcase before she hurried out as fast as she came.


She shifted her head left and right, and when she made sure no one was around, she whistled as she made her way into the public toilet. She shoved the cart aside and went into a cubicle where a middle-aged woman with only her underwear on was unconscious on the hard cold marble floor.


She removed her clothes and put them on the unconscious woman with ease. When she was sure that everything was perfect as it should be, she left that floor and went into the upper level.


Is it done? Holley Goldwood asked, eyes at the scenery outside her window with both arms crossing in front of her chest.


Yes, ma lady.”


Holley smirked. Good.”

After the cleaning lady left the room, a masked woman in black peeled off a thin sheet, which looked exactly like the wall that stealthily covered her entire body.


She tiptoed her way towards the suitcase and grabbed that necklace the cleaning lady placed before exiting the room.

I removed my towel and laid on the massage bed, flat on my stomach. I almost sleep my way to dreamland the moment the heavenly mattress embraced me. It was not soft nor hard.


Just the right comfiness.’


The masseuse handed me a sleeping mask, which I put on and resumed slumping my body on the soft hold of the bed. The masseuse covered the lower half of my body with a blanket as I closed my eyes, readying myself to be pampered to the max.






Whats wrong? I wanted to take a look at the girls, but my head was stuck in the hole, usually provided on a massage bed, and I couldnt exactly see anything because of the mask.


I was about to get up and remove my mask when I heard Estela and Zoes voice.




The two of them replied at the same time, their voice a little strange and high pitched.


I shrugged my shoulders and closed my eyes.


After a period of time –– a warm, callus hand electrified my shoulders, sending bolts of voltage crawling all the way to my spine, and I gave it my all not to flinched so hard. I was already accustomed to masseuses massaging me, but I didnt know why these particular hands made me flinched.


Another rounds of massaging and rubbing, I had gotten used to the feeling, and my muscles relaxed. I paid it no mind that her hands were somewhat big for a girl . . . and that touch . . .


. . . feels familiar.


I smelled the fresh lemon honeyed oil and heard the sound of palms rubbing together. A moan escaped my mouth when those heated palms melted my shoulders, rendering my bones immobile at the heavenly sensation.


I held my breath when the masseuses palms rubbed my shoulders down to my tailbone and spread to my hips again and again.


Agh . . .”


I could no longer repressed the moans rumbling in my throat at the onslaught of pleasure after pleasure.


Then it stopped.


I didnt know what happened, but after seconds, the blanket that was covering my naked butt was being pulled down –– slowly.




Like the masseuse was contemplating whether to pull it halfway, or all the way down.


And the blanket finally made its decision to cover half of my butt.


. . .


. . .




My eyes flung open when the blanket released its hold on my butt, and rested on my upper back, exposing my naked bottom cheeks and legs.


What? Is this the way they massage here?

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