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Chapter 66: The Spa

“Woah! Fudge! Look at our lodging!”

Zoe gaped at the modern rustic building in front of us, secluded among the trees. A combination of stones and wood making the whole appeal looked sturdy and cozy.


Lined of neatly dress bellhops greeted us and one by one, carried our bags and guided us towards our room.

“Hey! We’re on the same floor! And our room is even beside each other! How cool is that?!” Zoe happily exclaimed when we arrived in front of the door in our respective rooms.

I opened my room with the card key that the teacher handed to us and stumbled upon a cozy classic interior. Dark redwoods, medieval chandelier and rustic stone arches furnished with wooden types of furniture.

It was like a room you see in medieval fantasies that I couldn’t help to feel all giddy at the sensation that I had been transported to another world.

The bellhop carried my luggage inside and left me as fast as he came while I was still awestruck at the fantasy-like setting in front of me.



I opened the door, and Zoe barged inside with Estela following behind.

“Wow! We have the same room!”

“Come on ladies! Let’s go grab something to eat!” Estela grabbed both our hands and stormed outside, half dragging us to our feet.

“Ahhh…. ‘Zis the life…” Zoe hummed while leaning at the edge of the indoor spring pool.

“*Zzzzz…. *gurgle…”

“Estela, don’t sleep here.” I nudged the drowsy girl and helped her positioned herself up.

After we grabbed a light dinner and rested for an hour, we sprinted to try out the hotel’s famous indoor spring poor. Many of the students also decided to dip in the spring.

The spring was pumped straight from a live volcano. The rules said that we have to either soaked naked or soaked with a modesty towel wrapped around our body from breasts to mid-thigh. Since the males and females were separated – some girls decided to be naked while the three of us contented with a modesty towel.

“I’m surprised that you didn’t go naked on us.” I teased the half sleeping girl.

“Zhander’s not here… no use in being naked~…” Estela sleepily muffled while her eyes were half close. The warm water must have gone to her brain making her dizzy as her head swayed left and right.

“Have you girls tried this hotel’s spa?”


I immediately shifted my gaze when our Russian professor came towards us – butt naked!

Her wet long silver hair stuck to her hourglass figure. She was so pale that even porcelains would pale in comparison.


But something tells me that she’s…. extremely deadly.

“Hello, professor.”

I formally acknowledged her presence to alert the girls beside me.

“Hello, Four– err… professor.” Estela smiled like a drunk person, her eyes still half closed.

Professor Vera just smiled at Estela, then she focused her piercing cold, bright grey eyes on me.


“Why don’t you girls try out this hotel’s spa? It’s free of charge and feels… amazing.”

Then she turned and walked away, swaying her voluptuous hips. Her body overflowing with confidence making the other women stared in envy.

Now that’s a sexy woman!

“Let’s go!”

Zoe pulled Estela and dragged her towards an empty hallway that had a ‘Spa’ embossed on the entrance archway.

The underground spa room was lightly dimmed and spacious. Very different from the style outside. The interior was like it came out straight from an ancient Greek design.

White stones that glowed turquoise caused by the water’s reflection. Soothing symphonies, and tingling soft gushing of a manmade lake, and gentle dripping of flowing water on one side of the wall, reverberated in all corners of the chamber. Relaxing smells of oils and incense that compelled you to inhale a mouthful of air to relaxed your whole system.

At the center of it all were three laid out white linen draped beds, each fit for a single person as three masseuses with broad smiles stood at the side, ready to serve us.

“I’ll take the center!”

Zoe immediately sprinted towards the center bed and shamelessly flung her towel aside and laid butt naked, stomach pressed on the comfy cushion.

Estela did the same but not until she stumbled, face first on the mattress due to drowsiness. The masseuse had to position her correctly as the girl’s half body was still on the ground.

I shook my head while smiling as I walked towards them.

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