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Chapter 65: School Trip

“What are you eating?”

Zoe reached out for the lemon honeyed snacks that I was eating and shoved it into her mouth in one gulped.

“I don’t know. It’s some kind of a honey lemon biscuit that Cain gave me.” I continued to roam my gaze on the vast greenery and mountains outside of the window bus.

We had just landed on Izu Island and currently on our way to the university’s owned lodging, riding our university bus.

“Wow! This taste amazing! Do you have more?” Zoe reached out again and grabbed some more of my snacks.

“You know… *munch… I thought that you two wouldn’t come… *munch… I thought you will spend your summer break with your respective boyfriends.”

I just shrugged while Estela ignored Zoe altogether, busying herself with her phone while giggling nonstop.

She must be messaging Zhander.

“Well, you know that this school trip is just once in a lifetime.” I replied coolly.

“I guess…” Zoe shrugged.

Artem University organized school trips every year, but only just for the first years as a pretext of welcoming the new students while doing something meaningful. But in truth, the teachers just really wanted a free vacation since the trips were shouldered by the university.

The trip would be a three-night, four-day affair. The first day was scheduled for arrival and rest time. The second was the tree planting activity. The third day morning would be allotted to shopping and buying of souvenirs and the afternoon would be the time to go back to New Haven.

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“Wow! Look at all that grey clouds! They were not joking when they said that the weather on this island is very unpredictable. I wonder if we’ll be alright tomorrow.” Zoe wiped off the crumbs on her lips as she stared at that dark grey sky.

I was about to say something when I heard whispers from the seat next to us.

“Have you heard? Emery Jansen is stranded on the other side of the island because of this sudden storm.”

“What? Is she okay?”

“I heard the teachers are doing the best they can to fetch her, but to no avail since the road are slippery and the mountains are not safe during these kinds of storms, so they just advise her to sleep somewhere nearby to pass the night.”

“What is she doing on the other side of the island anyway? Why didn’t she ride together with us?”

“I don’t know. She had her private plane to bring her here. Maybe because she’s too much of a Princess that she didn’t want to share a ride with us commoners.”

*snicker… I guess you’re right. Such a spoiled Princess wanna be just got her just dessert.”

“Hey, you girls are rude! Don’t insult her. Can’t you see that she’s already in a predicament.”

“Poor my Emery. She must be scared and all alone right now. Damn it! I’ve come to this fucking trip because of her, but she just had to get herself stranded on the other side of the fucking island!”

“Oh shut up! You boys don’t stand a chance even to just wipe at her million dollar shoes.”




“Aren’t you worried about your cousin in law?” My head turned towards Estela who had now a scowl on her charming face, trying to murder her phone.

Signal interruption maybe.

“No need to worry about her. She can take care of herself.” Estela dismissingly said while tapping her phone on the armrest of her seat.

It’s not the phone… it’s the signal Estela!

I resumed to held my chin and gazed at that now stormy sky.

I remembered that innocent Goddess’s eyes with unyielding ferocity.

Emery didn’t peg me as a spoiled Princess.

She gave me an impression of……

I don’t know…

Going with the flow like kind of girl.


The bus shook from the earth-shattering entranced of bolts of lightning.

I heard the shrieks of the ladies and the snickers of the boys.

This storm is too much. I hope Emery is okay.

I didn’t have any encounter with her, but I knew that if something happened to her, Uncle Luke and Zhander would be devastated.

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