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Chapter 64: Fight

“Leanna… After your exams. You’ll have a week of summer break.”

Cain look all expectantly at me like he had been waiting for this moment to tell me something.

“I’ll leave from work. Do you want to go anywhere next week?”

“Uhmm… Aren’t you busy?”

“Zhane and the others can handle VIOS for a week, and I can ask my father to take ove–”

Cain stopped when he noticed my guilt-stricken face.

“What’s wrong?”

I fidgeted on my seat and roamed my gaze left and right – couldn’t face the excited man opposite me.

“W-well… I kind of…… umm…. sign up for the school summer field trip… You know…… planting trees… clean the environment and all that….”

Cold sweat broke out, and I was trembling on my seat now when Cain’s chilly dark and overbearing aura filled the air – suffocating me.

“You would rather plant trees than to be with me?” He snapped, and I automatically jolted from my seat.

“N-no!! It’s just that…! I wanted to go on a school field trip! You know… f-for experience…”

“Cancel it.”


“I can’t!”

“Why not?”

“I’m already counted on the list, and the trip is already next week.”

“I’ll cancel it for you and shoulder any fees.”

“No, you won’t.”

“Yes, I will.”

I sighed helplessly.

“Why didn’t you tell me this?” Cain’s voice was dead and monotonous while his face was expressionless as his eyes stared at me accusingly.

Oh dear…

I was bathed in layers after layers of cold sweat. All the warmth left me as I panicked on how to answer the domineering man.

Honestly, it just kind of…

Slip my mind…

Of course, I couldn’t just say that sorry of an excuse to him.

“It just kind of slip my mind.”

Idiot! After what I just said to you!

I’m running out of words to say here!

Cain leaned in closer as he slowly held his chin on top of his crossing fingers.

“So… You’re saying is… I’m not that important to you so you can just nonchalantly forget telling me this.”


How did he even derive from that!

I slammed my palms on top of the table as panic and guilt filled me when Cain’s face look all hurt and pained.

“T-that’s not true!! I’ll cancel it… I’ll cancel it right now! *sniff….”

I was too overwhelmed at seeing his pained expression that I didn’t notice my tears were building in my eyes.



I wiped away my tears and looked pleadingly at him to forgive me only to find the ruthless man, snickering behind his crossed fingers. His shoulders trembled trying to held his laughter.


I couldn’t find the words to barked at him as I was dumbfounded on how childish this man could be.

Cain got up from his seat and walked towards me in an embrace while I sat there motionless on my chair.

“I’m sorry…. *chuckles… I just couldn’t resist teasing you.”

Cain stroked my hair when he felt me sobbing nonstop.

“Don’t do that!!” I smacked his chest in frustration. “I thought you’re angry at me for real.”

“I’ll never be angry at you… Just tell me these kinds of things next time, alright…?”

I sniffed some more before I obediently nodded and embraced him back. I was enveloped in his warmth and didn’t notice his frosty eyes glint mischievously.

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