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Chapter 63: Summer Ends


Ya khochu potselovat tebya . . .”


Cain, you do realize that saying the different languages of, I want to kiss you. I love you. I want you. I want to eat you, or any other romantic perverse words –– wont come out of my exam papers, right?


Youll never know.” Cain dismissed as he brushed my long wet hair.


It had been a month since that incident in Sophias debut, and I never saw the girl again, maybe because she was still hiding in the comfort of her home.


Not that I blame her.

That event would probably engrave forever in history. Repeated topics even in future generations to come.


On a side note, school was entirely a new place for me. It was more quiet and peaceful. I didnt know if it was because the summer was ending, and everyone was busy with exams or because everyone knew Im dating Cain Fay.


Im sure they know.


I felt their antagonistic glares from miles away.


But even so.


No one dared to say a word nor made an enemy of me.


If I knew this would happen, I should have announced early on that we were dating.


But oddly enough.


No news of our relationship ever appeared on TV or newspapers or any media outlet.


Just rumors.


While the shameful and humiliating scene of Sophia and her mother was still the favorite talked of the month.


What do you want to eat later? Lets celebrate the end of your exams.”


Wagyu beef,” I dismissed, and focused on my handouts, memorizing those strange, exotic, ancient alphabets on that piece of paper.


It was four in the morning, and after we took little Pluffy for his daily walk, I took a bath to refresh my mind and started to review like crazy since my brain was at its peak during this time of the day.


Cain reached out and helped me study. I got to say the man was an expert in all kinds of languages, which made me annoyed. I was flinching here and there when he whispered sweet nothings in different languages near my ear.


Wagyu beef, it is then.”


Cain read the mood that I didnt want to be disturbed as he contented himself to sat behind me on the bed –– brushing my hair in silence.


I finished memorizing the handouts after two hours and only prayed that the information would stay in my brain a bit longer, until the end of the day, at least.


I got up from the bed and noticed that Cain was no longer in my room, and my long hair was now tied in a beautiful braid.


I then carried little Pluffy in my arms when he refused to get up.


I swear hes gotten a lot . . .  heavier lately.


And . . .


. . . bigger.


I left my room and saw Cain in his three-piece suit, preparing our breakfast. I put down the little furball, strode to Cains side, and kissed his lips.


Sorry. Ill prepare breakfast tomorrow.”


Dont worry about it. It makes me happy when I cook for you.”


He patted my head and stole a kiss before we sat at the dining table.

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