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Chapter 62: Unleash the Chaos


Everybody was curious when Emma moved to Sophias side when the dance finished.


As an honor for gracing us with your presence, may we request Mr. Cain Fay to give the last dance,” Emma said through the mic.


Silence so brutal took rounds as all eyes flew at our table.


Really, this mother and daughter! I couldnt believe how shameless they were. Theyre forcing my boyfriend to dance as a pretext of giving honor to his presence? If Cain refused, he would be labeled as discourteous and a bore.

I was too busy thinking of ideas on how to murder in secret that I didnt give it much thought when Estela whispered something to Cain.


Cain squeezed my hand before he stood to his feet and walked to Sophias direction.


The audience shivered at the sight of the cold mans expressionless face, which oozes with so much killing intent that they secretly felt scared for the safety of the Collins.


Arnold Collin wiped away the cold sweat on his face while the mother and daughter seemed indifferent to their surroundings.


I wanted to gauge Sophias sparkling eyeballs out and stitched her ridiculous broad smile that almost ripped her face off.


The audience squealed with envy, jealousy, and exhilaration caused by romantic feelings when the music started, and Cain led Sophia on the dance floor without an ounce of warmth. But the bewitched smiling girl didnt seem to mind the rough handling.


A glass-shattering pierced the moment, and I knew it came from Holleys table.


Heh, so much for BFF.


I was busy imagining happy thoughts to keep my temper at bay so I wouldnt break a bottle and shove it on the debutantes throat. I was not even interested in knowing why Zoe sneaked behind Emma while everyone was lost in their thoughts.


It only felt like a minute when Cain ended the dance and twirled Sophia like a whipping top. Absolutely ruthless, without a care if the girls bones brake and all her joints dislocate –– and without warning, he accidentally stepped on Sophias dress.




The sound caused the world to stop.


I blinked many times and widened my eyes to see if what I was seeing was real while everyone mirrored my actions.


Sophias dress was utterly torn, baring a naked girl with her flimsy thong. The voluptuous body was overshadowed when the vines of the circlet got stuck in Sophias dress, and the wig got dragged when the dress was ripped, exposing a semi-bald naked lady.


. . .


. . .


No one uttered a sound as they were stunned at the awkward hideous scene laid before their eyes.


But there was always that someone who couldnt read the atmosphere.


Holy mother of baldy freakin shit!


It was like a wake-up call, and flashes of cameras brightened the whole scene, and everyone turned deaf at Sophias ear-shattering scream.






Emma bolted to her daughters aid –– but not until Zoe stepped on her dress, causing the same fate as her daughter to befall on her.


I think having vines on their circlet was a wrong move since those things get easily stuck in their exaggerating flowery dresses.


Holy hideous freakin shit!




The supposed to be beautiful, enchanting scene turned into horror porn. Emma was like a bald witch, seducing lost souls into the woods. Everyone didnt know where to look. Some covered their eyes. Some stood there, paralyzed and shock while the wicked ones flashed their phones like crazy.


The lively music turned into screams and whispers while bright flashes of cameras dance like disco balls under the glowing moon.


Cain strode towards me in his own leisure time, not even sparing an eye at the naked mother and daughter.


Lets go.”


Cain extended his hand when he stopped in front of me, which I absentmindedly grabbed.


E-eh? I-is it alright if we just leave like this?


I stood, and Cains arm automatically surrounded my waist, motioning for us to leave.


I dont want your beautiful eyes to corrupt any longer.”


“. . .”


I didnt argue as we made our escape while the audience was occupied with all the chaos.


I glanced to where Zoe was, but the girl magically disappeared while Estela and Zhander also made their escape.


I still heard the cries and screams from miles away while the ones who caused all of it fled the scene unscathed –– feigning innocence to what they did.

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