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Chapter 61: Only You

After a while of rest from finishing eating the foods, the host announced that the eighteen most important ladies in Sophia’s life would start to give out their wishes.

Emma started her lengthy speech and praises for her daughter that not even a mountain of cheese could be able to compete with her cheesy words.

Followed by Holley, her BFF.

I secretly laughed when Holley’s face contorted but still maintained her angelic smile when Nixon, her fiancé, assisted her to stand up.

I felt pity for the guy.

A slight pity……


Alright, I don’t.

He deserves it.

The dull, goosebumps-awkward-cringing speech goes on until everyone gasped when Zoe’s name was called to give the last wish.

“Did you know of this?” I hastily asked the laid back pink haired girl.

Zoe just shrugged her shoulders and snorted. “No.”

“At least tell me you’re going to say some kind of a decent speech.”

Zoe just grinned and drank a bottle of beer in one gulped before wiping her mouth with the back of her palm.

“I have alright. Ten years’ worth of speech.”

Then she stood up and went to the center of the spacious stoned floor.

I noticed that Arnold Collin gave Zoe a warning glare while Emma and Sophia secretly smirked.

What are they planning now?

“Ahem… I don’t have a speech prepared, so I’m just going to wish you – Sophia…” Zoe turned and extended her hand to acknowledge Sophia while the debutante smiled and looked all adoringly like a loving sister to Zoe.

Zoe grinned, and I automatically lowered my head to hide a wry smile – readying my ears.

“I wish you good health. It must be exhausting even for you to always have to make people believe you are something that you’re not. While the truth is, you ain’t nothing but a hoe. You think you’re pretty. You think you’re classy. News flash girl. You’re freackin’ nasty!”

The Collin’s were stunned as well as the audience. Even Cain and Zhander looked at Zoe differently while I continued to stare down at my non-existent dessert.

Zoe bowed and sashayed back to our table. I raised my head when Zoe sat beside me, and gave her a face which she only smirked back in turn.

Sophia and Emma Collin’s smiles were paralyzed on their faces while Arnold Collin was so angry staring at Zoe like any time now, he would stomp his way to our table and beat her up.

You should have expected that to happen when you asked her to give a speech for you. Did you really believe that Zoe was still the same like in the past that she would just submit to your every whim? The moment she left your house, she was already determined to leave everything behind.

The eerie silence continued until cheerful resonating laughter echoed throughout the night causing the stunned audience to regain their senses.

My eyes automatically flew towards that man who had just laughed.

Just in front of our table, across the spacious stoned floor, sat a boy with golden brown hair dressed in a casual white shirt draped in a jersey jacket. He had a kind pretty face and was innocently laughing that you couldn’t help but laugh as well.

One by one, the atmosphere turned to its original luster as people began to laugh – entirely dismissing Zoe’s remark as a joke.

That boy had that kind of charisma, making other people felt at ease and happy just from his presence alone.

After the boy with golden brown hair laughed and wiped away his tears, he smiled and winked at Zoe which the girl returned the simple flirting gesture with a timid smile.

Wha—-! When did she became acquainted with a pretty boy like him?

I glanced at Zoe with questioning eyes.

“Elliot Volknov. Meet him a while ago.” Zoe nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders.

“Is it me or are you a pedophile?”

I noticed that the boy with golden brown hair must be around our age or much younger.

Cain smirked as Estela giggled while Zhander pretended that he didn’t hear me.

“What? He’s seventeen just like me!” Zoe barked all defensive.



“Alright! He just turned seventeen! So what? It’s not like I’m interested in him.” Zoe held her chin and pouted, avoiding my scrutinizing eyes altogether.

I didn’t press the matter anymore when a group of musicians at the side of the stoned floor began to play low beating drums and soothing striking guitars signaling for the cotillion to start.

A group of prominent members of society, must be friends of the Collin’s, started to dance with the song. It was pleasing to the eyes, just watching their body twirled and shook with the music in their killer dresses and heels.

How can you even move with all those overly ornamented clothes?

When the cotillion ended, a slow playing harp-like melody reverberated, and Arnold Collin, holding Sophia, began to sway with the melody.

Then everybody held their breathes when next in line was Nicholas Farrell himself.

I took a peek at the girl beside me.

Zoe just rubbed her nose and resumed eating her tropical crepe like nothing was awkward at the whole situation.

After Nicholas, lined of gorgeous men followed.

Honestly, I would drool and be in seventh heaven with all these handsome men left and right, but seeing Cain every day made my standards rose up way above the planet earth.

Maybe only the Gods could compete with him in my eyes.





I’m not joking.

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