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Chapter 60: Banquet

Songs and dances started to entertain everyone while mouth-watery dishes were served on each table.

I ignored the envious look on everyone’s faces as Cain, like always, carefully sliced and debone meats to serve to my plate.

Zhander too did the same for Estela, even though it was clear that the man was angry – it still didn’t stop him from being caring toward his lady while Estela just guilty bit her lower lip like she was about to cry.

I wonder what she has done this time.

Knowing the girl, I knew that it was somehow her fault.

“Here you go, pretty lady,” Zoe said in a low deep voice, trying to imitate a man while slicing a piece of meat and served it to her plate.

“Thank you. I love it when you attend to me like this.” Zoe chimed in with her more than girly tone.

She was apparently doing a one-woman play.

“What are you doing?” I raised my eyebrow at her.

“Oh, you know, so I won’t feel left out. I’m having a date with my imaginary boyfriend.” Zoe sarcastically replied.

I shook my head and sliced a lump of meat and served it on her plate which made the temperature lower a few degrees beside me.

No need to be jealous of a girl! Alright?!

“Thank you. But I will be more happier if Cain Fay’s the one serving me or Zhander Jansen.”

Cain just pretended he heard nothing of Zoe’s remark as he continued to serve me food while Zhander was more considerate.

“What do you want to eat? I’ll slice it for you.” Zhander said all polite and gave Zoe a warm gentlemanly smile.

Instead of being happy, the girl just frowned.

“You know what. Never mind. I don’t want it. There’s no point if there’s no love in it.”

Zhander smiled and still sliced a piece of meat and placed it on Zoe’s plate.

“Even though there’s no love, there can always be other positive feelings.”



“Ehehehehehe…,” Zoe’s face turned all red as she acted like a cute innocent, shy lady which gave me goosebumps. Then she looked all expectantly at Cain, waiting for him to also serve her, which of course, the cold man just pretended that no one else besides me was present – braking her heart.

“Z-Zhander… I want crabs.” Estela meekly interrupted making my head turned her way.

She never used that kind of submissive tone before.

Zhander didn’t say anything as he cracked a crab and expertly separated the meat and quietly placed it on Estela’s plate, his face all serious.

‘Uhmm… O-oyster.”

Again, Zhander quietly reached out and separated the oyster from its shell and served it on Estela’s plate while avoiding any eye contact.

Estela was apparently trying to appease Zhander to no avail.

Ahh… Estela… What have you done this time to piss Zhander off?

I glance at Cain, wanting to know what he thinks about all of this.

Come to think of it.

He didn’t have any reaction now that Zhander just stopped his advances on me and suddenly started to date his little sister. They were even sharing the same table although they were apparently not talking to one another and treated each other like air.

Even now that Zhander was treating Estela coldly, he didn’t have any reaction on his face.

Maybe I should ask him later when it’s just the two of us.

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