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Chapter 59: Thoughts

Gasps and whispers resonated in the fantasy-like setting beach front when Sophia Collin came out accompanied by Arnold and Emma Collin on both sides.

She strolled like a demure frail lady on the stoned floor into her flowery throne.

The mother and daughter pair have both flowery headbands with falling vines which dangled down to their waists. The headdress must have been a quick remedy to secure their wigs on their head, but even so, I got to say – Sophia look quite stunning.

I took a peek at the man sitting beside me – and found him intently staring at my exposed legs full of longing and wants.


I secretly placed our intertwined fingers on top of my thigh and put his palm on my bare skin as I rested my hand on his.

Instantly, he performed light, ticklish scratches on my flesh as he broke into a satisfied smile.

I retrained to shook my head as I focused my gaze on the beautiful fairy girl who was now sitting like a Queen on her flowery throne.


I glanced at Zoe beside me. Her eyes concentrated on Sophia and Emma, sparkling with malicious intent.

Holley occasionally peeked at the man he both loves and feared at the same time. She had never forgotten that horrid night and that event would forever leave a scar on her heart.

But even so, she still loves Cain with every fiber of her being. Like she was obsessed to have him.

She apparently made a mistake attacking the man. She learned her lesson. She thought that she could get away with everything because of her name, because of her family. She had forgotten that Cain was a Fay, came from a rumored long line of powerful military descent.

She knew now than to mess with him.

But he has a weakness.

Her hands trembled with hate looking at Leanna’s blushing face.

That’s right, even though she didn’t want to admit it. It’s clear as the sun that Cain Fay is in love with Leanna Lee.

Holley’s hands tightened into fists – so hard that her nails dug into her palms.

His only weakness.

That’s right, as long as Cain Fay had a weakness, she could still work something out. She refused to give up. If she couldn’t have the man, then……

…….no one can have him!!

Sophia strode like a Queen on the marble floor. There were undoubtedly high-quality eligible bachelors, but her eyes only took a glimpse at those two handsome men that stood out from the rest even with their simple clothing.

She felt disappointed about Zhander, but she was not crazy enough to pick someone like Estela Fay.

She seductively licked her lips and glanced at the cold, intimidating man.

At first, she had doubts about Cain Fay dating Leanna Lee, but seeing it now.

It is true.

She smirked and smugly straightened her back as she highly raised her head.

Hmp! It’s just a country bumpkin. I’m more beautiful than she is.

She was confident that she could grab the elusive man’s heart. She knew that she was the most beautiful girl tonight, she made sure of that. She swore that after tonight, Cain Fay would be hers.

After she sat, she noticed a girl with an unruly pink hair in a simple dress that stuck out like a rose among the vines.


Impossible! How did she?! I destroyed her dress!

It was undoubtedly Z O’nier originals, the man’s signature designs were written all over it.

She may be the Queen of all fairies, prim and proper. But Zoe was like a rebellious pixie goddess, attracting everyone’s attention.

She clenched her jaw when Zoe turned to her and gave her a mocking grin.

At the same time on the other side of the table, Nicholas Farrell was covered by layers of cold sweat.

It was a good thing that he hadn’t done anything to Leanna Lee or else…

He grabbed a bottle of beer and gulped it all down.

He just realized that the one protecting the girl – was Cain Fay himself.

How she grabbed the elusive man’s attention was beyond his comprehension.

Every nerves and cell of his body immediately gave up on any idea to harm Leanna Lee.


I almost got myself killed!

He had many emotions written all over his face. Now that he also knew that Zoe had somehow made friends with the Fay’s and even with Zhander Jansen, things have gotten a lot more complicated.

I have to back out from this plan.

He was not suicidal. He knew when to stop when the situation turned dangerous for him.

He grabbed another bottle of beer and ignored all the beauties around him who were apparently vying for his attention. His gaze remained lock on that woman with pink hair.

Looking at her now like the first time he saw her.

Wild and untamed.

So free.

So happy.


….. beautiful…

He swallowed his beer in one gulped. Maybe that would stop his heart from beating erratically.

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