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Chapter 58: Secret

Twinkling lights were carefully laid out like stars under the faintly glowing moon while the warm summer breeze gently swayed causing the leaves to clashed into a soft, soothing humming sound.

Elegantly draped tables surrounded a wide flamed finish stone floor at the center.

The setting was carefully planned out to match the theme.

It was straight out from a fairy tale with men and women competed who would be the fairest of them all.

Camera operators and different medias going on and about making sure that everything was ready and perfect as they waited for the arrival of the debutante.

It would be breathtaking – if not for the tense atmosphere.

Men and women alike had taken turns to stare at a table with five simply dress otherworldly creatures, leisurely sitting, conversing in their own space and time.

Many emotions fluttered around, envy, jealousy, curiosity, admiration… But above it all – disappointment.

No one said the words that everybody was feeling. It was like a taboo that shouldn’t be ever said out loud. It was the only thing that the women desperately tried not to affirm, being ignorant was the only thing that held their hopes and will together.

But there was always that one person who couldn’t read the atmosphere.

“Is Cain Fay and Leanna Lee going out?”



The supposed to be jolly atmosphere instantly turned into a depressing burial.

“Did you have sex?”

Juices spilled from my mouth at Zoe’s out of the blue question. I put down the bottle of tropical juice and was about to wipe my lips when Cain, sitting beside me, was much faster. He grabbed a tissue and gently rubbed my mouth clean with it.

I could hear the crowd’s sharp intakes of air, staring at the public display of affection before them.

I shifted my eyes here and there, wanting to know if someone just heard Zoe’s question, and accurate enough.

Lots of people did.

I widened my eyes at her.

“N-No we didn’t……. yet,” I whispered.

Zoe just grinned and licked her lips, “But you did naughty things…”

This Girl!!


My face instantly flared up. I lowered my head, too embarrassed to admit what we did.

“It’s written all over your face.” Zoe shifted her gaze to the man beside me.

I knew without even looking that Cain was smirking, holding a smug face – oozing with pride while pretending to play with his bottle of beer.

“Zoe…. don’t ask me these kind of questions in front of these many people.” I hissed.

Pft… Why not? Everyone must have known already that you two are going out by now.” Zoe continued to tease and place me in the hot seat.

Why does this girl likes to put me in an awkward position?

Then out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Zoe gave a thumbs up at Cain which the latter reciprocated with a nod.

When did they became close?

“Zoe, whose side are you on?”

“I’m always on your side… but of course, if I have to choose between you and Cain Fay, I’ll choose Cain Fay.”

“Wha–” I raised my hand in surrender. “I’m not talking to you.” Then I fixated my eyes on the two quiet people in front of me.

Estela and Zhander hadn’t said even a single squeak. They were not even talking to each other!

Up close, I noticed that Zhander’s right cheek had a new bruise and was turning purple while his lips had a cut and slightly swollen.

Did something happen?

I was about to ask when I felt Cain’s warm palm caressing my leg up to my thigh under the table. The loose dress that had been covering my legs was dragged along with his hand, and since we were sitting comfortably in a cross-legged position, the skirt glided smoothly down, showing more than half of my thighs.

I gasped and sharply look at him when his fingers lightly caressed my bare thighs. His eyes still focused on his bottle of beer, pretending that he was not doing anything naughty underneath the table.

Somehow…… this situation excites me. Like we were doing naughty things that only the two of us know.

Our little secret.

…….or so I thought.

I placed my hand below the table and immediately intertwined our fingers to stop him when I noticed Zoe’s smirking face, Estela’s teasing gaze and Zhander’s shifting head, embarrassed in meeting my eyes.

I knew they couldn’t see what we were doing.

But why did it felt like that they could see right through us?

Zoe stuck out her tongue as he held her chin in one hand while saying. “Idiot, your face gave it all away.”

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