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Chapter 55: Broken Promise

“C-Cain…. unghh… w-where…. nghh…. outside…”

“Mmm…. don’t worry… it’s just the two of us here…”

Oh Dear…

I ignored my brain when I felt a rush of boldness at the mention of ‘just the two of us’.

I turned around to face him before releasing the strings of my swimsuit, exposing my full breasts for him to ogle.

I felt myself on fire at the sight of his eyes full of lust and desire.

We just stood there, rooted on our spot, not moving – just enjoying each other’s view.

It was…


The silence, our rhythmic breathing. The quiet, soft occasional moans and that intense scalding stares at each other’s body.

Couldn’t held my desire for him any longer, I reached out to caress his wet hair. My fingers burned as it trailed towards his lips, down to his neck, to his collarbone, and slowly made its way to his lean abdominal muscles.

I felt him trembled as he moaned which enticed me to lowered my fingers towards his mouth watering V-line, resting there – just inches above his groin.

My burning eyes went back to his and found myself melting from his intense gaze.

Now, it was his turn to reach out to touch me.

He gently caressed my face.

“Leanna… I’m sorry…”

Why is he apologizing?

I wanted to ask, but his fingers were stroking my lips. He kept on whispering while his fingers were slowly exploring my body. Touching and savoring every contours and hallow.

“I said those promises, even knowing full well that I can’t control myself when it comes to you….” He stopped caressing me, his fingers just at the top slope of my breasts, softly circling the soft flesh.

“I promised that I won’t touch you here not unless I make love to you. At that time, when we went camping, and I was about to leave for a month… When I saw your flushed face, your deep brown mesmerizing eyes, your red cherry soft lips and all of you… wet and dripping with water…… I lost it.” Cain’s voice turned hoarse and groggy like he was in pain.

I brushed my fingers on his face.

Now I know why he’s apologizing.

It turned out, he couldn’t keep his promise on the breasts part.

I wanted to laugh, yet I restrained myself.

“Cain…. there’s nothing to apologize. You’re only human.” I cupped his face. “If you like my breasts so much, then you can do whatever you want with it.” I hugged him tightly.

He released an alluring moan when our bare burning bodies touched each other.

“I belong to you now. You can do whatever you want with me….”

Oh dear! You really are a Ma–!

I shut my brain and snuggled myself into his warmth.

Cain hugged me back. He sniffed my hair as he murmured. “Thank you……”

Then he released me and looked me seriously in the eyes. I could see guilt and longing in them.

“Leanna… I…I…” He stammered as he was trying to get the words out.

I reached my fingers to touch his lips. “I know…. you just wanted my breasts.” I playfully said to lighten the mood.

He chuckled and cupped my face.

“I want you so badly… it’s just that….”

He tucked some hairs behind my ears as he stared at me lovingly. I was intoxicated in staring at his frosty eyes full of love and adoration.

“What will your parents think of you… of me… of us…”

He gently but firmly kissed my forehead. I felt his pain and all his pent-up frustration.

“Mmm… I understand……”

I was just afraid that all these pent-up frustrations would affect his health and sanity.

It didn’t escape my notice that these past few days, Cain’s kisses became even more terrorizing and savaged. His touches and ‘accidental’ groping would sometimes leave marks which I didn’t mind.


I embraced his neck and leaned closer towards him. I tiptoed and bit his lips as I huskily murmured.

“So…. are you going to fondle them or what?”

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