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Chapter 54: Strip it






Deep breaths.


Deep breaths.


I glanced over at the different varieties of birds roaming the ocean blue Hawaiian sky as chirping melodies echoed in the four corners of the lone island. Crystal clear turquoise lagoon surrounded by towering cliffs while colorful corals and different species of fishes swam about, playing hide and seek.

I stole a peek at the man beside me. His excitement and anticipation were rubbing on me –– if not for my cowardly nature of jumping over five feet heights!


This scene is waaay too familiar!


I turned and escape, but Cain grabbed my hand and pulled me with him as he jumped from the cliff.


! ! ! !


! ! ! !




As soon as I regained my momentum, I swam up, but the water was pulling me all the way down, wanting me to explore its depth. I was anxious when it felt like an eternity that my body was being dragged down.


Its deep!


When the water finally released its hold on me, I hurriedly swam for air.


*pant . . .


*pant . . .


Arf! Arf!


Little Pluffys anxious barks drew my attention to him as the little guy swam towards me.


Wheres Cain?


I swept my gaze, suppressing the creeping panic when I couldnt find Cain anywhere.




I shouted, but only the sounds of animals, insects and the echoing of my voice answered me back.




Tears pooled beneath my stinging eyes. I was about to dive down to search for him when a hand grabbed my feet and dragged me downwards. Caught off guard, I swallowed a mouthful of water.


Under the clear turquoise water, I was mesmerized at the sight of him. In slow motion, his hair danced together with the gentle ripples. His cold face was a little blur, and with the magic of the sea, he looked so ethereal. His frosty aquamarine eyes were glowing under the penetrating rays of the sun enchanted by the turquoise water.


He was smiling.


More like a smile full of mischief.


I wanted to smile back and ogled at his face forever, but my body was trying to save me, desperate for oxygen. My feet struggled from his grasp, being careful not to kick his beautiful face. But his grip was like shackles with no key. He pulled me deeper, and our faces leveled. He gripped my waist while his other hand held my chin in place.


Then the kiss happened.


Mmm . . .”


I wriggled from his embrace but stopped when I realized he was giving me air. When my whole system functioned from being breathed to life, he let go of my chin and shot me a smirked.


I shot him back with an are-you-trying-to-kill-me look.


I wiggled myself out from his embrace and swam upwards. Surprising enough, he let me go as he swam up together with me.


*pant . . . *pant . . .


Arf! Arf!


Barking happily, little Pluffy swam around me. I spun towards the shore. And when my feet touched the soft, flour-like sand, my swimsuit untangled, exposing half the slope of my breasts.


My arms flung and hid my treasures. I turned around to find Cain with his naughty eyes and mischievous grin, staring at me.


D-Did he just . . . untangled my swimsuit?


I threw him a look and hid my breasts away from his view as I tied my swimsuit. But I froze when hot, moist lips landed on my bare shoulder.


Why dont you strip it all for me, Leanna . . . ?

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