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Chapter 53: Public

“Wow…… *munch… You should… *slurp… see your… *munch…… face.” Zoe tried to say between chomping her food.

I sat beside her, ignoring her remarks as I was busy gasping for air after I finished cooling and calming my body in the salty water.

“I don’t know why you’re so desperate to hide your relationship with Cain Fay.” Zoe licked her fingers and burped before looking at me. “You could have saved yourself some troubles if you just have been open like Estela.”

She pointed her finger towards Cain who was now sitting not far from us while his eyes never left me.

I blushed and retracted my gaze.

Wait, where did Estela and Zhander gone off to?

“Don’t those flies irritate you?” Zoe pointed once more at Cain’s direction, and this time, I noticed that countless women were whistling, trying their hardest to grab little Pluffy’s attention beside the cold man.

But the little furball ignored them all. Like his master – the little furball focused all his attention on me like any moment now, he would dart off towards me if not for Cain’s tight hold on him.

“What…… *huff…. are they…. *huff…. doing?” I said between breathes.

“Since Estela is hard to befriend with, they think that the other way for Cain Fay to notice them is through that hairy little squirt.”

I shook my head and laughed softly.

“Honestly though, why keep it a secret?”

I sighed and locked my gaze forward.

“I want a peaceful life, for him and me.” I simply said which made Zoe’s eyebrow arched.

“Haven’t you realized it yet? Even you keep it a secret – from the start, your life was never peaceful to begin with. So what’s the use of keeping it a secret?”


My eyes widened at the realization.

That’s right!

Even without announcing to the world about our relationship, from the beginning, because of those rumors, my life was indeed far from being peaceful.

I stared wide eyes at Zoe, and the girl just smirked right back at me.

“Where are you going?!” I asked when Zoe stood up and was about to leave.

“I’m going to date myself.” Zoe grinned at me.

“What? I thought that we’re going to do some fun things together.”

“Girlfriend, I know that you wanted to do fun things with him instead.” Zoe winked before she completely turned her back at me while waving her hand. “Let’s meet up at the hotel later when it’s time for the party.”

“Wha– Zoe!

I tried to squeal out, but the girl was already meters away.

I gulped when I felt Cain’s presence beside me. I felt something warm landed on my shoulders and found that the man draped my cover up on my body.

My cheeks felt warm, and I tried hard not to glance at him. I focused all my attention on little Pluffy who was now jumping on my knees, wagging his tail.

“I’m sorry……” Cain softly whispered.


What? Why is he apologizing?

“I couldn’t help myself. I know you wanted to keep our relationship… private.”

I felt conscious from his intense stare.


I gasped when his voice turned pleading. I wanted to look at him, but my body went paralyzed, unable to move the moment his soft pleading voice caressed me.

“I’ll go back to New Haven and won’t disturb you anymore.”



W-what?! No!!

I was lost in his soothing voice that it took me a while to register what he said.

When my body finally moved and turned towards him, he was already walking away – grabbing little Pluffy with one hand as he strode off.

He still had that overpowering aura. But somehow, I felt lonely staring at his back. His shoulders slumped as his head was somewhat lowered.

My heart tightened.


My voice echoed and shocked everyone, making me the center of attention.

But I didn’t care.

I really didn’t care anymore!

I rushed towards him and hugged his back. I felt his muscles tightened as he too was somewhat stunned at my sudden actions.

“Don’t go……”


“Leanna… There’s a private island not far from here. Do you want to go together…? Just the two of us….” I felt the happiness radiating from him even from his voice.

I smiled and nodded.

I let him go, and Cain held my hand.

Like that, we walked hand in hand, side by side in front of so many stunned crowds – lost in our own love world.

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