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Chapter 52: Feed Me!


Whats going on?


Why is he following me!


I hurried and widened my steps, pretending not to notice that Cain was following behind me.


I didnt want to take a peek, but my eyes betrayed me. While I was half running, he was just walking behind, not a care in the world. His eyes, not living me for a second.


Then the corner of my eye caught a cuddly white fur at my feet.


! ! ! !

Realization dawned on me.


Hes using little Pluffy to get closer to me in public!


I didnt know whether to laugh or cry at the helpless situation. I couldnt talk nor shove the little cute, cuddly guy away from my feet. I couldnt even imagine myself hurting the little furball. I was so sure Cain knew of this too and thus, using the little puff of fur to get to me as an excuse to follow me around because his pet was following me!


What a cunning man!


I bit back a smile and giggled at the thought.


As soon as I reached the sandwich stall, I ordered two sandwiches without thinking. It was too late when I realized my mistake when the food vendor handed me the sandwiches.


I glanced over at Cain and found him meters away behind me. He was just staring at me with mischief in his eyes.


Not just him, I knew a lot of people around us were taking glances at me in secret. The womens squinting eyes were warning me to be careful of my next move.


N-now what?!


Should I pretend and give this to little Pluffy? I shook the idea out of my head in an instant. Im strict when it comes to little Pluffys diet. I didnt want to give him any human food.


Thats right! Zoe!


I shifted my head, hoping my last line of defense was around. But found that my ever so loyal comrade in arms was buying her own food at the next stall while she shot me a wicked grin, dangling her food in front of me.






I glanced to where Estela was, but the girl was lost in her own little world as Zhander fed her food.




My eyes flicked to the food vendor. His eyebrow raised as his face impatient, signaling me to leave and make way for other customers.


I bit my lip and lowered my head as I meekly left the stall, determined not to meet Cains eyes as I walked passed him.


But as I expected, he wouldnt let me go just like that.


He blocked my path. Still, my eyes remained fixated on the ground.


Arent you going to feed me?


I gasped and snapped my head at him, eyes wide as I met his gaze. My whole system was shocked by his sudden demand, but the next thing he did almost made me faint.


He grabbed my hand that held the sandwich and fed himself.


. . .


. . .


It was dead silent as everyone gaped at the intimate scene.


My soul was roughly pulled back when Cains moist tongue licked my fingers clean while the intensity in his eyes was burning me on the spot.


When did he finish his food?


I pulled my hand back from his grasp. Cain didnt mind as he licked his thumb and my soul flew again when he pressed his moist thumb against my lips.


My thank you for feeding me,” he said as he tilted his head to the side, and flashed me a coy smile.


The womens jaws dropped as they pressed their thighs together. Needing friction I bet.


I know . . .


Oh, I know . . .


Because Im feeling it too!


This walking aphrodisiac!


I was still lost in the hazy fog of denial as I placed my sandwich on Cains palm and then like a crazy woman –– ran towards the waves, determined to drown myself. Never to be found again.

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