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Chapter 51: Hidden Desire


What happened? Why did Cain ignored Sophias towel and grabbed the one Leanna was holding? Are they . . . going out?




Yeah, no way that the Cain Fay would fall in love with a nobody! Shes not even that pretty!


It must be because he prefers his towel. It so happens that she got a hold of it first.”


That bitch got lucky being friends with Estela Fay.”


Yeah, too bad about Zhander. But I did have a feeling he and Estela have gotten together. Why else would Zhander Jansen came together with them?


Then why is Cain Fay following that bitch?


Are you blind? Its because his dog is following her.”


Then why is his dog following her and sticking to her like shes the owner?


“. . .”


“. . .”


Maybe because the dog likes her smell. Because you know, she smells like earth, pigs and cows . . . and grass and all that.”


All the womans faces lit up as they nodded to themselves. They were willing to accept any reason, so their hearts remained hopeful.


Y-yeah! That must be it!


Since Estela is hard to please . . . another way to get close to Cain Fay is through his dog.”


. . .


. . .


The atmosphere turned tense.


The womens eyes turned sharp as they sized each other. The competition heated when they realized what they must do to get Cain Fays attention.

What are you doing?!


Holley hissed as she grabbed Sophias hand when the latter was about to dart off to Cains direction.


I dont know what youre talking about.” Sophia acted all innocent.


Dont pretend! Why are you flirting with Cain?!


Holley, I just gave the man a towel, which he obviously didnt accept.”


I know what youre doing! And you need to stop.” Holley stared daggers at Sophia and tightened her grip on the girls hand. You know I like Cain.”


. . .


. . .


Sophias face turned serious. Yes, but youre already engaged.”


She then pulled her hand when Holleys grip loosened from being stunned.


Youre . . . betraying your friend?Holley mumbled, too shock to register what was happening.


Sophia gripped Holleys shoulders and looked her in the eyes.


Holley, Im not betraying you. All Im saying is . . . what if Cain Fays the one wholl fall in love with me?


Holley looked at Sophia for some time before she burst out laughing.


Sophia frowned and crossed her arms while putting her weight on one foot.


Ahahahaha! Good luck with that! Holley snorted. She then captured Sophias eyes. Her voice thick with threat as she spoke, If you flirt with Cain again . . . this will mark the end of our friendship.”


Holley . . .”


Sophia was conflicted. She was also one of the women who wanted to grab someone like Cain Fay, but she also didnt want to become enemies with the Goldwoods.


That was a wrong move on her part. She shouldnt have acted so rash and gave away her intentions when Holley was there –– present. But she couldnt control herself when she was bewitched at the sight of Cain Fay, half-naked, dripping in water.




Sophia said with all seriousness, yet her brain was accumulating plans and schemes on how to seduce Cain without Holley knowing. Once she succeeded, she didnt have to fear the Goldwoods anymore because of the Fays backing.


It was one of the reasons why she approached Holley in the first place since she knew Cain and Holley were engaged. By sticking to Holley, she had an opportunity for Cain to notice her. But she never thought it would be so hard since the elusive man rarely showed up, and if he did, he always had this menacing invincible barrier that repelled everyone from approaching him.


But now . . .


This is an opportunity.


The beach.


The bikinis.


The party.


Sophias lips twitched into a wicked smile when Holley turned away and followed Cain.

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