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Chapter 50: Terrorizing

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“You know; I know that the world is unfair. You two have loving families while I don’t. You have bigger breasts than me. It’s okay. I can accept it. But what the hell is this?! You two just practically hug the two most sought-after beings on earth! This is like! The height of unfairness! The helm of unfairness!! I demand compensation for this injustice! You two should share them with me because that’s what friends are for…. blah …… blah……”

Zoe continued to rant on and on while her eyes were glued to those two men in front of us.

Estela and I ignored her rantings; our brains were determined to block anything except our lovers.

I was drooling. My eyes were love-struck and obsessed like other girls. I didn’t care.

I don’t care at all.

I ogled at Cain. His bare chest and back. His hair, swaying with the violent breeze, his frosty eyes deep and focus. His handsome face expressionless, not a trace of worry nor fright that any moment, that massive towering waves would crash him whole. His wet alluring body and lean muscles that constricted and contracted in every movement he made.

My heart would miss a beat whenever I thought that the waves would crash him, but he always emerged unscathed.

He’s soooo cool. 💗

A sense of overwhelming pride flooded me.

This is mine. All mine.

“Tehehehehe……” Estela and I giggled.

Our brain cells must be on the same wavelength.

Our morning was very productive as we just sat there, holding our chin, ogling at the Gods gliding against the waves while Estela flashed her camera nonstop.

The whole crowds gasped, and I too held my breath when the two men went ashore, running their fingers through their wet hair while their other hand was holding their surfboard.

I swallowed hard when my naughty eyes followed the dripping water down to Cain’s shorts and stayed in the area between his thighs.

Another gasped resounded when Estela got up and ran towards them, holding a towel.

Everybody expect that Estela would give the towel to her brother, instead – she went passed Cain and into Zhander’s arms.

Estela tiptoed and personally. Personally wiped Zhander’s wet face.

The audience stared with wide eyes.

*sigh… Estela sure is daring.

Like automatic. The crowd’s eyes, especially the women, turned towards Cain when they now realized that Zhander – was off limits.


I now realized why Estela just did that. It was to mark her territory in front of these people.

I should have expected that since Estela didn’t mention any plans to hide her relationship with Zhander.

Panic rushed in again when I turned towards Cain and saw his eyes fixated on me like he was waiting for me to also bring him a towel to wipe off his wet face.

I was paralyzed and helpless. I wanted to do it so badly, but my body just remained unmoved. As much as possible, I wanted to keep our relationship private. Away from the publics eyes.

I continued to hesitate while Cain paused right there in front of me. I noticed that his eyes have somewhat lost its luster as his face didn’t hide the hurt and rejection.


Like a siren shocking my whole system, I grabbed his towel and stood up and sprinted into his arms when Sophia beat me to it.

“Here.” Sophia shyly extended her hand holding a towel to Cain. Her eyes shifted here and there as her face acted up all innocently.

The cold man didn’t even look at her. His frosty eyes were still fixated on me. He avoided Sophia’s hand and walked towards me.

I think that my heart was beating in my throat. Wanting to come out, blocking the air and my voice with it as my eyes remained captive at the approaching man.

Cain stopped just inches from me, and without a word, he bent his body, and my eyes automatically closed.



I opened my eyes when the kiss didn’t land. I blinked many times in front of the cold man who was now holding half of the towel in my hand as he wiped off his face. His teasing eyes made me want to run towards the waves to drown myself to save me from this embarrassment.

I should have known that he was just playing with me!

Like my fingers had just touched something hot, I let go of his towel and shifted my gaze. Unable to stood on the hot seat and the scrutinizing gazes of the crowds, I stepped back as I stuttered.

“I-I-I’ll…. b-buy…. some f-food.”

I didn’t notice that little Pluffy instantly went on his four paws and dashed towards me as I made my way towards the food stalls.

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