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Chapter 49: Overheating


I thought youre not coming? I asked Estela as I accompanied her changed into her swimsuit in a toilet nearby.


Yeaaah . . . thats what I thought so too. But when my brother forc––made our father sub for him today so he could go to you in Hawaii, I knew I just had to come,” Estela explained inside the cubicle.


I straightened my back and crossed my arms.


So . . . uhmm . . . will you mind if you give me copies of Cains pictures if youll take any? I kept my voice even, but the tone just had to sound eager.


Sorry, Leanna. My brother made me promised that I can only take his photos if I give all the copy to him and wont ever. Ever. EVER give you one or even let you take a glimpse.”


. . .


. . .


I felt my tears rolling.


. . .


. . .


So, where are you staying? I asked, changing the topic to salvage what left of my pride.


Granblue, the place you are staying in.”


How did you even know were staying in Granblue?


When we arrived in Hawaii, I told Zoe to checked in with me at Granblue, taking only our essential belongings with us –– leaving the unimportant stuff in Seaside hotel to make it look like we were still staying there.


After what happened to Zoe, I didnt want to take any chances of staying in the same roof as the Collins.


Oh~ Leanna, there are many things we know about you more than you think~.”


“. . . Thats . . . kinda creepy, dont you thi––!


The words stuck in my throat when the cubicle opened and Estela came out wearing . . .


. . . absolutely nothing!


T-t-the hell are you wearing?!


I shifted my head, desperately avoiding to take even a glimpse at her.


What do you think? Will Zhander be seduced?


Estela straitened her back and extended her breasts, trying to make a sexy pose.


Oh my God! Youre not only going to seduce Zhander! Youre going to seduce the whole freakin people on this island!


Hmm . . . really~?


Estela seemed thrilled at the thought and snapped the strings of her swimsuit.


Swimsuit? More like shes just wearing strings.


Dont you have any other swimsuit?! As in, an actual swimsuit?! N-not . . . Not . . .” I pointed my finger at her while my eyes were determined to focus on anything but her exposed flesh.


This!I said, almost yelling.


Estela pointed a finger on her pouting lips and acted all innocent. I do have one. You know . . . just in case Zhander rip this one-off.”


She batted her lids and bit her lower lip.


I had a feeling she was biting her lip so she wouldnt drool in her perverted thoughts.


Oh, Zhanders going to rip it alright –– for a whole new different reason! I retorted and shoved her back inside the cubicle.


Go back in there and dont come out until your private parts are properly covered!


Frowning, Estela puffed her cheeks, but she didnt argue with me.

Mother! Mother! I heard the Fays and Jansen came?!


Sophia hurried to her mothers side, and they walked-ran towards the beach. On the beach, the crowds have an obsessed look on their faces, staring at the two heavenly beings on earth, surfing the dangerous waves.


This is a huge publicity for us. Imagine, we made the elusive Fays come to our party! This is another boost to our familys reputation.” Emma clapped her hands, unable to contain her excitement. She couldnt wait to brag this event to her friends.


Now, Sophia, remember. Even though Holley is in love with Cain Fay, shes already engaged with Nixon. Now is your chance!


Emma paused and grabbed Sophias hand.


You have to make Cain Fay or Zhander Jansen yours. Whatever the reason theyve come, Im sure its because they wanted to mingle with other socialites like all the young men present here. Its even possible that theyre looking for their bride to be,” Emma said to her daughter.


Sophias eyes shone as she imagined the two gorgeous men fall for her and be the envy of every woman.


She wiped off her drool and nodded.

The weather in Hawaii was intensely hot, not because of the sun that shone brightly above the sky, or the summer breeze.




It was because of the heat oozing out from the crowds as they watched the two men surfed the dangerous waves. Like the waves celebrated their arrival, it danced and jumped higher and higher.


The men have jealousy written all over their faces while the girls have an obsessed look. Their breathing rugged like animals in heat. Some of them even have drools while others were crying.


Literally crying!


The mens shoulders slumped in defeat. This party was supposed to be their chance to grab some high-quality ladies. But they couldnt do anything about the current situation. They could surf and compete for attention, but they would just be an eyesore compared to the two males on the waves. Mortals simply couldnt compete with Gods.


Best to stay clear, least they wanted to humiliate themselves and garner the animosity of the women for distracting their views.


Even though they didnt like it, the men still respected Cain and Zhander deep in their hearts. When they were still starting to learn their familys trade, Cain Fay was already making a name for himself and was already earning billions.


And who didnt know about the famous Zhander Jansen? His unconventional ideas were always at the top of the market. The Jansen conglomerate reached new heights because of him.


And theyre just what?


Barely twenty-five.


They laughed bitterly at themselves.

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